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Common Boiler Problems & Repair Costs

What can be more annoying than your boiler breaking down suddenly in extremely cold weather? Well, you will then have to pass the days by taking cold showers and having a frozen home before calling a professional to get it fixed. If you want to diagnose the problem on your own, then the first call might be the customer care number mentioned in your boiler’s manual. They can help you to understand different fault codes so that you know whether the problem can be fixed from your side. If you cannot find the manual, most manufacturers enable you to download another copy online for local boiler repair service.

Common boiler faults

Most boiler faults are quite difficult to be diagnosed by a professional and you should never try for any repairs that involve removing boiler casing. It is extremely dangerous and may invalidate the warranty that you may have on the boiler.  You can say, two or three common boiler faults can be managed on your own and do not require the attention of a heating engineer.  

  • Frozen boiler condensate pipe – When it is extremely cold, it is quite common for frozen condensate pipe to put boiler out of order. It is not a technical fault with the boiler but when condensate pipe freezes, the boiler shuts down due to safety purpose. 

Before you decide to pay the costly call-out charge of an engineer, check the condensate pipe is not the main problem. Also, see your condensate has been insulated properly with foam as this will prevent it from freezing at its first place.

  • Boiler losing pressure – If the boiler loses pressure, then this might either be a leakage or you have bled the radiators and your system has lost pressure. You can re-pressurize the system by opening filling taps on your boiler till they attain the desired pressure. After this is done, make sure you close both the taps and it is at this point when your boiler will start working again. 

If your boiler is constantly losing pressure, then you need to get it checked by an engineer to fix the problem quickly. 

  • Water leakage from the boiler – This usually happens due to old and corroded washers. You need the help of an engineer who can open up the boiler, help with emergency boiler repair and even replace it for you.

Boiler repair parts and their costs

Though the three boiler faults discussed above are common, there are other technical faults too that might occur with the boiler and they can be handled efficiently by a heating engineer. If you need to install a new boiler, make sure you choose the one you can trust upon and keep your home cosy during the winter.

How much the boiler service will be?

If you want to avoid further problems with the boiler, then it is important to get the servicing done for your system every year. An annual boiler installation service in Camden is the only way to keep it in proper working condition, diagnose any problems early and lessen the costs associated with necessary repairs.

Dangerous boiler faults 

The presence of carbon monoxide in the boiler kills between 25 and 50 people every year in the UK. CO is a colourless and odourless gas produced due to incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels like gas. Hence, CO stops blood carrying oxygen around the body and may kill quickly. Certain symptoms are – breathlessness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and loss of consciousness, vomiting, pain in the chest, visual problems or stomach pain. 

You can protect yourself from carbon monoxide by buying carbon monoxide alarm that will alert if there is a dangerous leakage.  An annual service is needed to be sure that the boiler system is working safely. 

If you still need to hire a heating engineer for diagnosing and fixing boiler problems, then contact our plumbers who offer boiler repair services in Camden. These experienced plumbers can also help you in the installation of a new boiler within a short time.

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