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Commercial vs Residential plumbing

Is there a significant difference between residential and commercial plumbing? Well, we’ve all had plumbing issues at some point, with the vast majority of people assuming every plumber can fix different plumbing issues, irrespective of the location, whether they are in your home or office.

To some extent, it is reasonable to believe that there is no difference between commercial and residential plumbing since they both use the same kind of materials while fulfilling their function.

At Emergency plumber, Camden, we provide both commercial and residential plumbing.

Defining commercial and residential premises

Commercial or industrial premises are used in carrying out a business. This may include offices, shops, restaurants, or other types of businesses. Hence, they are generally larger than domestic buildings.

Residential and commercial plumbing, their unique difference

As much as we would like to admit the clear similarity between the two, there are few distinctions that a good plumbing service company should be able to understand and address while dealing with a distinct project, and they may include the following:


Most times, the difference between commercial and residential plumbing is primarily dependent on size. Industrial plumbing, for example, is usually large and may require the use of more pipes and outlets than residential plumbing. In other words, most businesses are required to meet the need of both their employees and customers; this means that there will be a massive demand for toilets and other fixtures when compared to residential plumbing

The extent of problems faced

There is also the same distinction in the varieties of issues faced in both residential and commercial plumbing. While residential plumbing tends to encounter variations of the same regular problem, commercial plumbing, on the other hand, will most probably face a wide variety of issues, without specifications. Thus, the plumber ought to be prepared for wide ranges of the problem that are rarely fixed in the in residential settings.

Number of floors

An office building requires multiple levels or floors, all of which will also require sink, toilets and others. The gravity, of course, will play a huge role in a functioning pipe. However, residential plumbing, on the other hand, will usually require less than two to three floors worth of plumbing.

Choosing the right plumber for you

Now that we have been able to factor out specific differences, between commercial and residential plumbing, there are some important questions to look out for, while choosing the right plumber for you, this may include the following:


Is the plumber versatile?

When choosing a plumbing service provider, it is important to ensure that the plumber you have in mind, is highly skilled in a wide variety of plumbing service. Ensure they are highly equipped in system maintenance, installations, diagnosis, upgrades and checkups.

Are they readily available?

Ensure they are readily available to attend to you in the case of a plumbing emergency.

Are they up to date?

Well, there is a striking difference between being ready to work at any point, without the necessary equipment, codes and requirements that are expected to be adhered to in commercial plumbing. Although residential plumbing may not require any serious standards, it is important to ensure your plumber is trendy.

We are here to help you! Visit us at Emergency plumber Camden, for all your plumbing needs.

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