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8 Most Effective Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Boiler

All kinds of boilers – whether brand new or currently running ones – are prone to give way. A non-functional boiler, on the other hand, is assured to land you upon inconvenience and drain your pocket as typically boilers are expensive to replace. An experienced plumber in London shares some easy but effective tips for you in the following paragraphs to help your boiler last longer and operate at an optimal level.

Give the boiler an annual servicing

Ask your plumber to service the boiler once a year. The task should include maintenance and servicing of the entire boiler system along with its relevant components. This is one of the best approaches to ensure that your boiler is safe and is running smoothly. Many people overlook the importance of annual boiler servicing. Perhaps they enjoy living under the risk of standing under a cold shower for a few days when their boiler decides to stop working properly. In case your boiler shows any signs that may indicate that it will break down, the engineer can easily detect them and make the necessary repairing to avoid an unexpected disaster.

Regular boiler cleaning

Qualified plumbers providing boiler service in Camden point out that just like any other home-improvement gadget, the boiler too collects dust. Thus, you better clean the boiler routinely to prevent the build-up of dust. This affects the life of the machine to a large extent. Unfortunately, cleaning a boiler is not easy and requires special skills that only a professional in the industry possess. Unskilled people may put their life at risk while cleaning the inner surface of a boiler. Cleaning efforts by untrained hands may also damage the gadget. Only a Gas Safe engineer is qualified and ideal for the task. We recommend that you rely on such professionals to clean your boiler and that you don’t do it yourself. 

Draining the radiator

Boilers and radiators are strongly connected to one another. If you want your boiler to run for longer and more smoothly, make efforts to maintain the radiator too. This is because when a radiator is not running to its full capacity, the boiler has to perform a lot of hard work to compensate for it. You can do this yourself without seeking professional help. Just open the radiator valve to let out the air trapped inside. This prevents the radiator from heating up excessively.


Power-flushing also deals with radiators and benefits boilers in the process. When a boiler becomes increasingly noisy, it indicates that your radiator needs to be power-flushed. The procedure is all about deep-cleaning radiators and the central heating system. Chemicals are used for this cleaning, which flushes out the rust, sledge and other precipitated debris from the inner surface of the radiator, boiler and the supporting pipes. This accumulated debris prevents the gadgets from working to their optimum capacity.

Check the boiler pressure

The performance of a boiler is largely dependent on its pressure. In the course of time, it is natural for a boiler to lose pressure. This affects its efficiency. Remember to regularly check the pressure gauge every couple of months to ensure the gadget is in good health.

Remove all clutters around the boiler

In order to ensure that your boiler performs to its best, it must be well-ventilated. In other words, the space around the boiler must be kept clear. An example here will make the point easier to understand. Suppose your boiler is placed inside a cupboard; then, you have to make sure not to fill up the cupboard with random items.

CO (carbon monoxide) detectors

A defective boiler can damage your health along with that of your family members and pets to a large extent. Considering the serious health hazard, it’s crucial for everyone to ensure their boiler is working properly. Place an alarm-detector next to the boiler. In case of risks for carbon monoxide leakage, the alarm will go off. This is a reliable way to ensure boiler safety.

Remain pro-active

If you ever come across any potential boiler issues, make sure to resolve them in a pro-active manner. In many cases, a tiny but timely repair or replacement prevents a small boiler issue from snowballing into something massive in the near future that can cost you a fortune to take care of. Dealing with the health of your boiler in a pro-active manner is more likely to protect you from any inconveniences that it may cause and major expenditure in the near future. However, here’s a word of caution from our friendly emergency boiler repair service in Camden. Whether your boiler requires a small repairing or a major one, it is solely your responsibility to ensure that only skilled and qualified plumbers work on it.

Qualified plumbers are technically capable professionals who’re capable to do a lot more than just dusting and checking the pressure gauge on your boiler to make it run smoothly and effectively. There’re many reliable plumbing agencies in London that provide 24/7 emergency service at a reasonable cost. Get in touch with those mechanics to make sure your boiler runs longer with greater efficiency, keeping your home safe.

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