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6 Signs Your Toilet Needs to Be Replaced

Do toilets ever get worn out? Well, not exactly. The bowl and the tank of your toilets are designed in such a way that they can last for decades. However, some other essential components like the toilet tank, lids, seat, bolt and flush handle may need routine maintenance, repair and replacement. Regardless, there are some inevitable reasons why you may consider replacing your old toilet. Here are some few warning signs you may need to look out for.

Your toilet gets blocked too often

Well, let’s face it; virtually every homeowner will love to avoid a blocked toilet to the barest minimum. While they are unavoidable and can occur on a random case, an old toilet may likely experience frequent blockages. If you experience blockage too often say; more than once a week, you should consider getting a new toilet.

Visible cracks are seen in your tank

If you notice water around your toilet too often, you might need to check for cracks in your porcelain. Although the toilet may appear subtle or may be working just fine, continuous leaks from your toilet can result in a lot of damage, including damage to your flooring over time. It can also result in mildew growth in your toilet area. We recommend you check for cracks in the tank or bowl of the toilet to get them replaced immediately you notice continuous running from your bathroom. You can also apply the dye in the water of the tank to check for cracks if you are not sure about the presence of cracks in your toilet. You can also contact Emergency Plumber Camden for top-notch plumbing service in Camden.

Difficulty when flushing

A lot has been said about persistent toilet blockage. Well, excessive or chronic blockage is not only linked to sewer line issues. Some older toilets with narrow drain may not be too practical for larger family use. However, if you are still experiencing flushing problems even after the parts have been repaired; it might just be a sign of the need for a toilet replacement.

Internal leakages in your toilet

Internal leaks can result in a significant increase in your utility bill, which might be enough for a new toilet installation. Although a lot of internal leaks can be easily fixed by replacing one or more flushing parts, as time goes on, the quality and availability of this flushing part might diminish significantly.

Frequent toilet repairer

If you have fixed your toilet on several occasions, it may indicate a signal to purchase a new toilet, since the money that will be used for repairs may cost more.

Frequent wobbling

If your toilet wobbles frequently, it may be a sign for a new toilet installation. Although a wobbling toilet might signify a slight plumbing problem, some cases may indicate a big problem, which may require new toilet installation.

However, a new toilet installation will help to mitigate against the following risk:

  • Lower septic and sewer waste flow.
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom.
  • Prevent the need for expensive clogs, leaks and repairs

Need help on new toilet installations? Visit us at Emergency Plumber Camden, and we will be glad to provide exceptional services at affordable prices.

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