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10 Things Every Office Bathroom Should Have

It is not always a pleasant experience when you have to share your office toilet with employees and customers. Using an office toilet can be unhealthy if it is not set up in a way that will allow easy cleaning and sanitation.

To have a suitable office toilet, you must ensure the following things are included in the plumbing system of your office bathroom by your bathroom fitters in Camden so that it looks well-equipped.

Wall-mounted toilets

This type of toilet rest permanently on the wall with no support or stand on the floor. Using wall-mounted toilets in offices is ideal because they are very easy to clean and maintain.

Double-roll tissue paper dispensers

With double-roll tissue paper dispenser in your office toilet, tissue paper will last for a longer time compared to when a single roll is used, and there may be no need to replace rolls until they run out completely.

User-friendly features

Your office toilet should be designed in a way that it can be used by different people at this same time, including children and those in wheelchairs. For this to be achieved, features such as handicap-accessible toilet stalls, child seats in each stall, diaper changing stations, and full-length mirrors should be in place.

Futuristic wall coverings

Using a good wall covering plays a vital role in the aesthetic appearance of your office toilet. Some wall coverings can absorb unpleasant smell in the toilets. Materials like the new graffiti-resistant wall coatings last longer, and it is resistant to stains.

Dust bin near the sink

Dust bin should be positioned between the sink and the door with a paper towel dispenser installed above it to prevent littering the floor. With the dust bin close to the door, germs in the toilet are curtailed in the toilet area since it allows one the chance to pull the door handle with a paper towel before disposing of.

Disposable toilet seat covers

Using disposable toilet seat helps to accommodate people who are not comfortable sitting directly on a public toilet seat. Tissue paper can be used when this is not provided.

Clear signage

Signs will be required if you share your office toilet with customers. Signs should be provided from the reception area until you get to the toilet, and the door should be well labelled to distinguish different gender.

Electronic products to minimise hand contact

installing motion-activated flusher, soap dispersal, hand dryer or paper towel holder in your office toilet improves hygiene. This will reduce your contact with germs because there is less contact with surfaces.

Automatic air fresheners

The use of automatic air fresheners in an office toilet helps to control odour by spraying perfume at regular intervals. The automatic air freshener should be installed in a place that is not noticeable, and it should be positioned in a way that it sprays perfume upward directly into the air.

Non-slip floor surface 

Slippery floor surfaces should be avoided in office toilets for safety reasons, especially when the floor is wet. As a result of this, flooring materials like non-slip natural stone, terrazzo and ceramic tiles are recommended for use.

Listed above are things an ideal office toilet should have. You can contact Emergency Plumber Camden if you want to make changes to your office toilet so that it can be comfortable for you, your staff and customers.

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