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8 Most Essential Drain Cleaning Tools

A blocked drain, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, can be really annoying. A blocked drain means the slow passage of water or none at all.  Some people may not take it seriously, but a blocked drain is a cause for worry. Cleaning your drain and keeping them free from anything that can block them is one thing that everyone wants. To achieve this, there are a handful of tools that will help keep your drain free from any blockage. We have taken out time to outline some of these tools and how they help you keep your drain free from blockages.

Drain Snake

The drain snake is one of the most flexible tools for cleaning drains. It can also be called plumber’s snake. It is a long tube-like tool that is used to push substances blocking the pipes all the way down to the bottom. Some snakes have clasps that are on the end, which can be controlled to pick up or remove the gunk that might be obstructing the flow of water. It often has a grip handle which you hold while the remaining part of the wire goes down the drain.

Shower drain hair catcher

This is a very important tool for trapping hair going down the drain. This tool is placed down the shower drain for a few inches. After a couple of months, it is lifted, and all the hair will be removed together with the drain catcher. Due to its disposable nature, it is highly sought after by many because you can simply reach down and pick it up with the trapped hair and disposed of. So, most of the drain cleaning services in Westminster use drain hair catcher to unblock your drain.


This is one of the most common and highly used drain cleaners. It is used to suction and release blocked drains to get them working again. They vary in size, depending on the size of the drain you have, and it is very effective. All you need to do is place them over the drain and plunge the blockage down. 


Believe it or not, hairbrushes are equally important when it comes to cleaning your drain. Although it is more of a preventive measure, brushing your hair before taking a shower is a great way to remove loose hair that would have blocked the drain. It's okay if some hair still comes off when you shower, but it helps reduce the load that goes down the drain.

Beard trimming mat

This is a handy tool for the men-folk. This mat covers the sink and counters when you shave, preventing tiny hairs from going down the drain. After shaving, you gently take them out and shake the hair off. 

Recycled drain covers

This method of drain cleaning is for people who do not want to spend a dime on drain catchers. All they have to do is place the dryer sheets over the drain before taking a shower. These dryer sheets sieve out hair no matter how small and also soap suds making their way down the drain. The dryer sheets are removed after use.

Wire brushes

These are small wire brushes that are used to clean up the drain after other blockages have been removed. They work similarly to toothbrushes and are best used with hot water and soap.

Waterdrop hair catcher

Bathroom sink drains have stoppers that jut out when it is not in use for plugging the drain. The water drop hair catcher is a tool that is placed over the drain to trap hair and any other possible debris that could cause blockage in the drain. After use, you lift it and trash the particles.

Even with caution, mistakes can still happen, and the drains can get blocked. Thus, you may contact us at Emergency Plumber Westminster on 020 71833801 to book an appointment or fix any drainage problem you might have.

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