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Toilet Repair & Installation

Are you in Westminster and having issues with your toilet perhaps a leakage or difficulty in flushing? Or are you thinking about changing some fixtures in your toilet or updating to a more recent design? Look no further as we have got you covered.

Emergency Plumber Westminster is all you need for any toilet repair or installation around Westminster. If you need skilled and affordable toilet repair and installation services in Westminster today, call us!  Our engineers are available 24/7 hours, and ready to provide you plumbing help whenever you need it.

A faulty toilet can be damaging and really inconveniencing to you and your family. Ensure you get an experienced plumber to have it fixed at once. You can book an appointment with us today, or call 020 71833801 to get a free quote and learn about our special deals and plumbing offers.

How Do You Know Your Toilet Is Damaged?

Regular maintenance of your toilets will ensure they keep working without any problems, and that you become aware of any damage before it becomes severe. Signs of damage to your toilet include any of the following:

  • Your toilet is unable to flush properly
  • You notice any leaking at the base of the toilet or signs of rotting wood due to water damage.
  • You notice the toilet is no longer in its proper place but appears to have moved off its base even just a bit.

Don’t hesitate in getting professional plumbing help if you notice any of the signs above. Get in touch with Emergency Plumber Westminster on 020 71833801.

How Can You Prevent The Occurrence Of Blocked Toilets?

A blocked toilet will cause you much stress and money in getting repairs and replacements for the damaged pipes and toilets. If it is not fixed at once, the leak from the blocked toilet could cause water damage to your floors and your possessions. The best solution for a blocked toilet is prevention. You can follow the guidelines below to ensure your toilets don’t become blocked:

  • Thick papers like paper towels and magazine pages shouldn’t be flushed down your toilet.
  • Do not flush too much toilet paper at once.
  • Physical objects like toys and plastic items should not be flushed down your toilet.
  • Keep children away from sending any item down the toilet.
  • Do not flush wet wipes.
  • Call for a professional plumber immediately if you are unable to clear any block with a plunger.

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Toilet Installation

Contact Emergency Plumber Westminster if you need your faulty toilet replaced. We can also have your current model upgraded to a newer and more efficient one. Our engineers are plumbing experts and can help you pick a toilet that is not only right for your home or workplace but easily affordable also.

Our toilet installations services include the following:

  • Installations of new toilets and tanks
  • Replacement of damaged toilet seats and faulty tanks
  • Installation of new wall-hung pans and concealed cisterns in place of old toilets

Give our engineers a call on 020 71833801, and we will have your new toilets installed at once.


Don’t hesitate to get help if you notice any issues with your toilets. Plumber Westminster is always available for any plumbing emergencies you might be faced with. Call us today, and we will send an expert plumber in no time to address your toilet problems.

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