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Emergency Boiler Repair

Boilers can break down at any time. Also, the need to repair or maintain your boiler may arise in the course of its use. If you find yourself in any of this situation, where you require the services of an emergency boiler repair team, then contact Emergency Plumber Westminster for quality services and quick response.

A boiler that has developed a problem can bring you so much discomfort, and inevitably results in unavailability of heat and hot water when it becomes necessary. Boiler breakdowns can occur at the most unexpected period. At Plumber Westminster, we know that at such emergency you require immediate attention and repair of your faulty boiler and we can assure you that our team of experienced plumbers and engineers are readily available to give excellent services. Give us a call on 020 71833801 today. 

Emergency Boiler Repair Westminster

At Plumber Westminster, our trained and experienced team can repair most boilers, whether it is a system or a regular boiler, we will ensure that it works effectively to your satisfaction.

At Plumber Westminster, we possess a vast knowledge regarding the various types of boiler and their fault codes. We have repaired most major and minor faults that can be encountered in a boiler for several years — repairs on a boiler recording low pressure, noisy boiler or boiler leakage.

Call us on 020 71833801, and we will respond in the shortest time possible to handle your boiler problems.

Common Emergency Boiler Repair Issues

It can be that your boiler is refusing to go off, or it goes off unexpectedly, or maybe you have noticed a leakage  — the pressure in your boiler has reduced or has increased indiscriminately. It does not matter what the fault is; it is essential to know that a faulty boiler poses a health problem to its user, so a trained expert should handle its repairs.

At Plumber Westminster, one of our main objectives is to render an adequate and quality level of service to our clients. This is the main reason why so many notable outfits and companies have recognised us.

Contact us on 02071833801 today, and we will assist in repairing your faulty boiler in the shortest time possible.

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rating star iconI called emergency plumber for fixing the issue with water heater. He checked the condition of the heater and provided quality service at an affordable rate. We are really happy to hire professional plumbers for our work.

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Boiler Repair Service

At Plumber Westminster, our well trained and highly experienced well trained engineers are capable of repairing most major boiler brands, so there is no cause for alarm. We are equipped with most modern tools to get your boiler working again correctly.

It does not matter your type of boiler brands from; Alpha, Ariston, Baxi, Biasi, Buderus, Ferroli, Glow Worm, Saunier Duval, Vaillant, Viessmann, Vokera to Worcester Bosch and any other brand that you own; we can certainly repair all of them within a concise period and restore your boiler to a perfect working order to help you live comfortably.

Why Choose Us

There are various reasons why you should request the services of Plumber Westminster to repair your faulty boiler, but listed below are some of the primary reasons: 

  • Repair of most type of boiler brands
  • 94% certainty in the making sure your faulty boiler is repaired on the same day
  • Quick response whenever you reach us
  • Fixing your faulty boiler in any case of emergency
  • No additional cost
  • A yearly warranty on our service and parts

Give us a call on 02071833801 today.

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rating star iconThe plumbers offered great service at reasonable prices. Reached my place quickly. I will definitely use their services in future.

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rating star icon LondonHired them to install my new boiler. They did the work quickly and I am really happy with their work. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for boiler installation.<

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Common Boiler Fault Repair

Let's take a look at the typical most reoccurring boiler problems we can help you repair;

  • No heat or hot water

This is a normal occurring fault that can happen for so many reasons. It might be as a result of no pilot light, an error encountered with a diaphragm, an airlock or a regulatory valve may have stopped working. Meanwhile, it could be as a result of the low reading of your thermostat, which is a constant issue or leakage on your boiler that requires immediate attention.

  • Radiators not getting hot enough

Air can also be detected in the heaters which are often eliminated with the help of a bleed key. On another note, the presence of cold stains in the heaters as a result of the uncleanliness of the water in the heating system. We usually advise that you engage a power flush to handle this problem. Also, where there is a fault with your radiator valve which may require it to be changed entirely. However, it is usually advisable to get thermostatic radiator valves on your radiators to regulate your heater to your desired temperature.

  • Kettling

This is a commonly occurring problem in places where you hardly find water. Limescale continues to form in your boiler and can severely affect the heat exchanger. Sometimes you might want to have a scale reducer attached to your boiler to get rid of any scale developing on the boiler. Meanwhile, power flushing can also be a good idea to eliminate any dirt from your boiler.  Give us a call on 02071833801 if you need any help solving this problem.

  • Banging noises

This can sometimes be as a result of a massive amount of dirt found inside the water in your heating system or the presence of air in your boiler. Also, if there is a constant amount of scale build-up in the boiler, it will continue to generate an irritating sound. In another case, it can also be as a result of reduced water pressure in the boiler.

  • Pilot light going out

This usually happens as a result of a damaged thermocouple or the gas valve is faulty. Also, if the air seal is severely damaged, a draught could burst the pilot light. Meanwhile, in some other instances, the pilot light might require cleaning to get rid of dirt blocking it.

  • Losing pressure

Most times, the primary cause of the low pressure in a boiler is due to the presence of leakage on the central heating system. In some other instances, it might be that the pressure relief valve has developed problems or the expansion vessel is no longer working or sometimes both. Contact us on 02071833801, and we will be glad to assist you in restoring your boiler to its functionality.

  • Frozen condensate pipe

Condensing boilers possess this condensate pipe which serves the purpose of carrying water out from the boiler. On regular intervals, this pipe can freeze establishing a blockage which makes the boiler break down.

  • Thermostat problems

Thermostats can stop working overtime, mainly when it has stayed for a very long period causing it to record wrong readings. In other words, switching the boiler on and off at inappropriate intervals.

  • Leaking boilers

On so many occasions, seals on boilers break resulting in leakages and therefore require a replacement of it. Problems with seals are usually the main reasons for leakages in a boiler.

  • Boiler keeps switching off

This could be as a result of reduced water pressure, a blockage in the condensate pipe, presence of air in the heating system or failure of the pump to regulate water in the heating system in an efficient manner. Contact Emergency Plumber Westminster on 02071833801 to provide you with immediate assistance to help repair any fault encountered with your boiler or heating system.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We are highly recognised for the level of service that we offer to all our clients, that is why you can always trust the expertise of our trained professionals. Place a call to Plumber Westminster on  02071833801, and we will be sure to respond in the shortest time possible.  

Award-Winning Property Services

We also take pride in saying that in so many years, our outstanding and highly experienced team of professionals has been awarded for their efficient and quality services in Westminster and its environs.

Give us a call today on 02071833801 and be sure of quality service you can rely on any time.

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