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Gas Safety Testing and Certificates

You don’t need to go too far in search of gas certified professionals who can effectively carry out gas safety testing and certification in Westminster — Plumber Westminster is here for you.  Safety is a significant concern when it comes to gas safety appliances in our homes and commercial facilities. That is why a gas safety testing rule has been written into law. 

A gas safety testing and certification is a legal requirement for a building and an important document that proves that the gas appliances have been checked by a qualified gas safety engineer. A gas certificate is valid for twelve months. It is generally referred to as the CORGI Proforma or CP12. 

A CP12 certificate can be used for 12 months and should be given to tenants within 28days after the expiration of the previous one. It gives a detailed report on the gas pipework, gas appliances, and flues in a property.

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What Does Gas Safety Testing Involve?

A gas inspection for certification requires the gas engineer to do the following:

  • Ensure that there is enough ventilation provided
  • Check the safety devices and make sure that they work properly
  • Check for misuse of the gas devices
  • Check the gas pressure and burner against the manufacturer’s data plates
  • Check the safety regulation of appliances and their tightness
  • Check the flue flow to ensure that the combustible products are properly discharged

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Landlords And Gas Safety Certifications

A landlord is required by law to have the gas supply, boiler, flues, and appliances checked and certified annually. It is part of your legal duties as a landlord to provide your tenants with a safe environment to live in. Plumber Westminster has well trained engineers that are authorised to carry out the inspection and give out CP12 certificate that must be given to your tenants within 28 days of the inspection or when they move into your premises.

As a landlord, you can also make an annual contract with us to ensure your gas appliances are in perfect condition. It also shows that you take your responsibility as a landlord seriously and you can easily fix all your gas appliances when they develop a fault. A service contract also gives your tenant a separate means of contact with us in cases of a gas emergency. 

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As a tenant, you are supposed to have a current valid copy of the CP12 gas safety record at the time you moved into the house, and the certificate is supposed to be renewed every year. If you brought in your gas appliances with you, they are your responsibility, but they should be included in the inspection to ensure maximum safety.

If you do not have a CP12 certificate, you must contact your home management agent or your landlord to request for one.

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Plumber Westminster has a team of qualified and well trained engineers to carry out any safety check for you and also issue out the gas safety certificates. Your safety is our concern — do not put off your gas safety check if your home is due for one.

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