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Pipework Replacement Services in West Minster

Do you know that a problem with any of your plumbing systems at your home or office can result in furnishing loss and property damage?

It is inevitable for your piping and plumbing systems in every home not to fail. These failures can be as a result of some specific circumstances such as age, lack of maintenance, fluctuations on temperature, low-quality pipework, and incorrect installations.

Amidst the inevitability of the failure of the plumbing works in your home, every homeowner needs to know the life span of plumbing and piping works in their home to know when to carry out replacements and installations of new piping works.

With Plumber Westminster, pipework replacement is not a big deal; this is because we have all that it takes to give our customers maximum satisfaction. To our experienced plumbers, pipework replacement can be quickly done professionally and timely too.

We carry out all plumbing and pipework services, including emergency plumbing services. Get in touch with us now to enjoy exceptional plumbing services on 020 71833801.

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Piping Materials

One of the first things to do when it comes to piping works in the home is to check the type of plumbing materials installed in your property. Different materials have different longevity, and also pose different plumbing threats to the property. You are advised that before buying or after purchasing a home, an inspection is supposed to be carried out on the property to determine the kind of piping material used on it. For example, Houses built during the early eras used clays which deteriorate faster compared to the materials used today.

 Here is a list of a few piping materials and their different life span

  • Copper - 50 years
  • Brass 40 - 45 years
  • Cast iron 75 - 100 years
  • Galvanised steel 20 - 50 years
  • PVC piping can last almost indefinitely

These piping materials may look great, but it is crucial to consider other factors such as piping joints, mechanical components connecting the pipework to household fixtures, fittings and other things. The piping materials can be excellent but may have the capacity to ruin any faulty installations or connections which can lead to damages, leaks and overflows.

Do not let your piping materials suffer; get a more experienced professional handle installation for your piping works.  Get in touch with Plumber Westminster for all pipework replacements and installations. Contact us on 020 71833801. 

Identifying The Signs Of A Faulty Plumbing System

One of the visible signs of a defective plumbing system is visible cracks, leaks from the pipes or corrosion. Other signs could be rust, discolourations, water-stained carpets or floors, wet baseboards etc. Once you notice a faulty plumbing system, it is best to contact a professional immediately to either fix the problem or carry out some pipework replacements. 

Are You In Need Of Repairs Or Pipework Replacements?

Pipework repairs and replacements are not like the regular repairs on plumbing systems such as blocked pipes, water leaks, broken sinks etc. In situations such as pipework replacement, the piping structures are hidden underground, thus would need structural repairs which involves demolition of the floor or walls of your property.

Plumbing replacements are usually perfect when there is a renovation in either the toilet or the kitchen. For issues such as pipework replacements, a professional plumber is ideal, and Plumber Westminster is the right company for you. Our professional plumbers and engineers are trained and experienced to carry out pipework repairs and replacements in your home. To get your pipework replaced with Plumber Westminster, give us a call on 020 71833801 and we will right at your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

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