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Immersion Heater Installation and Repair

Immersion heaters are devices that provide heat when inserted directly into a liquid like water or oil. They are sometimes called megaflow boilers or unvented hot water system. They can keep water heated at a particular temperature at all times. This is useful, especially when constant heat is needed. Immersion heaters are one of the popular options for heating homes and other buildings.

Immersion heaters are usually connected to their power supply but in a few cases, a solar system. They are easily regulated and can be used as a building's primary heating system or as a backup to combi boilers.

If you need an immersion heater engineer in Westminster for either maintenance or installation, do proceed to reach out to us on 02071833801  right away.

Pros Of Immersion Heaters

  • Immersion heaters can generate hot water even when your boiler is not functioning.
  • If they are well insulated, they preserve the hotness of water for several hours after they are switched off.
  • If an immersion heater is controlled with a thermostat, it will automatically go off when it gets to the temperature set on the thermostat.
  • Immersion heaters are easy to operate. They can be easily turned on and off by simply using the switch on a wall socket.

A major disadvantage of using immersion heaters is its cost. It is usually more expensive to heat water using electricity, and a typical immersion heater uses about three kilowatts of power in an hour.

Immersion Heaters Installation

Plumber Westminster helps you to install and also repair your domestic immersion heaters. The immersion heaters usually work off electricity, but you have the option for more economical installation.

If you opt for an economical off-peak installation, we will install the lower immersion heater to connect to the off-peak heating circuit while the upper heater will be connected to the normal circuit. This provides the advantage of having hot water at all times, irrespective of having a power supply or not. 

We at plumber Westminster recommend that everyone has quality immersion heaters and they should be installed properly because a poorly installed immersion heater can lead to more costs on repairs in the future. Opting for a professional installation is not only safe but ensures even heating. Choosing professionals for your immersion heater installation is the right decision to take because they have an in-depth knowledge of the different types of immersion heaters and know which suits your need perfectly.

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Immersion Heater Repair

Immersion heaters are one appliance in the home that is valued due to its importance. At certain seasons of the year, warmth and regular supply of hot water will be needed which is why we have our emergency gas engineers around Westminster to ensure you can get repair services even at the oddest hour of the day.

Our expert gas engineers are well trained with several years of experience to ensure they can deliver the needed expertise and restore your immersion heater to full functionality.

Call us today, and our emergency gas engineer will be with you within the hour.

Why Choose Plumber Westminster For Your Immersion Heater Installation And Repair?

If you are in Westminster, here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your immersion heater installation and repair.

  • We are a Westminster based plumbing company. This means that we can get to you in the shortest time possible whenever you call.
  • We offer personalised plumbing services.
  • Our team are professional, highly trained, and friendly — we deliver quality services at a competitive rate.
  • Our pricing system is highly competitive
  • We offer a no-obligation quote
  • We are very reliable

If you are in Westminster and need an immersion heater installation or the repair of a faulty one, plumber Westminster is here to get the job done. Call us today on 02071833801, and we will be there to provide you with a quick solution in no time.

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