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Bathroom Installation Westminster

What would a home be without a bathroom? Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of the building. It is where you wash away all the stress, dirt, and discomfort from your daily activities—a place where your whole body is refreshed. Who wouldn’t love a bathroom? Everyone does need a bathroom!

Where Do You Go When You Need A Bathroom?

Dealing with a damp and dingy bathroom isn’t cool. Having to deal with leaky taps and cracked tiles is not funny. The good news is, you have the chance to change all that into a stylish and relaxing room you’d love.

We at Emergency Plumber Westminster have been installing bathrooms throughout Westminster for over a decade. We are well known in Westminster and around and do supply bathroom suites, install bathrooms (including an already purchased suite), and can deliver your bathroom from a shop to your doorstep.

You can rely on us for a good bathroom or wetroom installation. We can connect you with our clients in Westminster for further proof of our expertise. Contact us right away.

More About Us

Are you looking for a professional touch that would leave you in bewilderment when you take a look at your bathroom? We’ve got all you need!

Emergency Plumber Westminster also provides an in-house project manager that would see to it that every detail of your bathroom refurbishment is strictly adhered to. That’s not all.

Professional fitters

We have good hands that can perfectly combine your ideal bathroom suite, perfect fittings, and all the accessories you need in one installation! Our bathroom fitters are experienced, well trained, considerate and dedicated to turning your dream bathroom into a reality. All our installation is in accordance with the recent health and safety legislation—we are guided accordingly!

Job familiarity

We understand that bathroom refits can range from replacements of units to a full-blown renovation job that requires stripping the room bare and reshaping everything. Whatever the scope of the job is, we at Emergency Plumber Westminster are up to the task. We have done it before and are still doing it! You should call us.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Job quotation

At emergency Plumber Westminster, we give our customers a ‘no obligation’ quote that covers everything. If you’ve purchased a bathroom suite already, we will gladly quote for man-hour time only.

We are close partners with high profile brands and can help you with selecting a bathroom. You can even pick a bathroom from our extensive collection of catalogues and brochures. Bear in mind that a bathroom has to put up with so many wears and tear in its service life thus hiring a good bathroom fitter is essential. We can give your bathroom the attention it deserves! Call us today.

How We Install Bathrooms

Since our services are tailored to meet customer satisfaction, we take our time to fix every bathroom fixture and fitting together so you can have a great time in the bathroom.

Our practical step by step process includes:

Customer survey

Every bathroom owner has got needs! We recognise this crucial part of our job by first conducting a survey. We’ll look at your bathroom for its size in order to provide exactly what is appropriate and at the right price. Remember, our quote is obligation-free and accurate.

Uninstallation of bathroom

We will have to take out your old bathroom for the new one to come in. This is done as carefully and safely as possible. As part of our professionalism, we will shut off your water mains and disable all electrical connections. After that, every current bathroom accessories will be taken out including waste pipes.

Our expert bathroom fitters will not mess up your environment during installation so, we will cover your floors with protective materials, and keep our workspace tidy during the process.

Installation of the new bathroom

As the old bathroom comes out, the new one goes in! We will prepare your bathroom to receive new and fresh pipework for the bath, washbasin, toilet, and shower. The new pipework will be connected to the new bathroom fixtures and installed properly.

Testing of the new bathroom

As usual, we will test all the connected pipes and fixtures for leaks, blockage, and other imminent failures. Once the bathroom has been ascertained to be running smoothly, we will bring in the other accessories like cabinets, blinds, etc. Next is, your bathroom is ready for use!

Cost of Bathroom Installation

Having a new bathroom is an inspiring idea. Knowing the cost will guide you in planning for a bathroom refurbishment.

The cost of installing a bathroom may not be the same based on the type of installation. On average, it costs about £4,500 to get a bathroom installed. Again, the type of materials needed for the installation, the working hour time, and the complexity of the installation are considered in preparing a job quote or estimate.

For quality and professional jobs, the price may be higher, but it is better because it will save you the stress of dealing with incessant repairs and inconvenience due to poor installation.

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Duration of Bathroom Installation

Just like the cost, the time it would take to finish your bathroom installation also depends on the nature of installation (materials and labour hours inclusive). Generally, the time taken to install your new bathroom will depend on the kind of refits you want. It can be as small as 1 to 2 hours, or as large as 6 to 10 hours depending on the upgrades being installed.

At Emergency Plumber Westminster, we will do our best to finish your installation in the earliest possible time. We do our job very well because it is only after pampering your bathroom that you can start pampering yourself.

So, for bathroom refurbishment London, do well to contact the Emergency Plumber Westminster. We provide excellent customer services and are always available when you need us.

Call us now for bathroom services specially designed to give you comfort and happiness. Don’t forget, we are your Emergency Plumber Westminster. We strive to make our customers happy all the time. We’re expecting your call.

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