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At Plumber Westminster, we know that getting your new boiler working at the initial period raises a lot of fear and doubt. Therefore, we have deemed it essential to provide you with this useful information on directions to take when fitting your new boiler to ensure that you are not disturbed and to help you make the right decision. 

A well trained Boiler Installation Company

Plumber Westminster is a registered gas safe boiler installation company. We offer a 24-hour service so you can be sure of getting an immediate response whenever you call us. Our main objective is to give our clients a boiler installation of the highest quality in Westminster. You can call us on 020 71833801 if you require additional information concerning the right types of boilers to use.

Vaillant Boiler Installation

At Plumber Westminster, we have been recognised remarkably for the level of the outstanding quality we provide our clients when it comes to boiler installation, and we have a team of expert engineers who are capable of fitting your brand new, highly-effective, quality Vaillant or Worcester Bosch boiler at an affordable price.

Whether it is an installation for the office, church, hotel or restaurant, we will always provide you with top quality boiler installation services using most modern technology. Our services are highly recognised as well by big brands and various companies.

Give us a call on 020 71833801, and you can be sure of a trustworthy service that will satisfy your needs.

Why Choose Us

Our major objective is to offer you  quality services that will encourage you to call us whenever you require any assistance with your new boiler; meanwhile, here are other significant reasons why you should call us: 

  • A FREE cover for your new boiler annually
  • Manufacturer warranty for 10 years
  • We will readily pay you to receive your former boiler
  • We will charge you at an affordable price plus VAT for a new A-rated boiler
  • We are capable of handling any British gas quote.
  • Easy Steps to Install Your New Boiler

Here is a list of 3 simple processes to undergo whenever you want to get your new boiler fitted.

  • The first one is to set a date for a survey to be done
  • The second is to collect a quote
  • The third and final one is to choose a day that you are comfortable with, for us to send our expert and highly trained personnel to supervise the fitting of your new boiler.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Schedule An Appointment For A Survey

Our highly trained well trained professionals can inspect the present condition of your central heating system and then direct you on the next course of action to take. Call us on 020 71833801 to make the necessary arrangement.

Receive a 'No Obligation' Quote

The moment our team of professionals are done carrying out their analysis, we will grant you a quote with a 'no obligation' fixed price, this is meant to get you a new boilSelect a Date for Your Installation

If the amount stipulated on the quote is okay by you, we can decide on the particular day and time that you are comfortable with to commence the fitting of your new boiler.


Which Boilers Do We Install?

At Plumber Westminster, we are certified Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boiler installation providers. In other words, whenever you request our services in fitting your new boiler, you can be sure of getting the highest quality using most modern and improved methods in cognisance with the required standard. Want to have your boilers installed? Then contact us on 02071833801 today.

Vaillant accredited installer

Vaillant Boilers are small in size and fancy. They provide you with the ease of placing them anywhere you may please, even if it means putting it safely away in a cupboard. At Plumber Westminster, we are accredited Vaillant boiler installation professionals, SEDBUK A-Rated. Contact us today!

Worcester Accredited Installer

Worcester is recommended globally. Therefore, it does not matter if you go with a Worcester system or a combi boiler, you can be sure of its reliability. A new Worcester Bosch boiler is also SEDBUK A-Rated to give the highest service. It provides you with an opportunity to help sanitise the environment, but it also ensures that you do not record increased heating bills.

Want to have your Worcester Bosch boiler installed by a professional? Then contact us on 02071833801 today.

How Long Will It Take To Install A Boiler?

Fitting a new boiler usually takes 3 days at a maximum; meanwhile, at Plumber Westminster, we ensure that your new boiler is up and running in less than a day to make sure that you have an instant supply of hot water and heat in your home. Whenever you request our assistance at Plumber Westminster, know that our primary objective is to ensure your maximum satisfaction with an installation that is done professionally.  

More importantly, at Plumber Westminster, our team are highly trained and accredited well trained boiler engineers, so you can rest assured that whenever we fit your new boiler, we are certified to undertake the procedure most safely and productively. Also, note that the overall fitting process is usually supervised thoroughly to ensure that there are zero faults. 

For further inquiries, you can reach out to us on 020 71833801, and we will provide you with an effective solution.

New Boiler Service

Whenever you require immediate assistance, our highly trained professionals will respond to you in no time to solve your boiler problems, even in the moment of an emergency.  Before carrying out any fittings, we will make sure that we enlighten you on services that we provide so that you will be well informed.

With every contract, we provide you with a written description of prices to be made, and we make sure it is self-explanatory to enable you to know how much you intend on spending to install your new boiler with the cost of our services. 

We operate round the clock and also on the weekends, so our team of expert engineers are always available to assist you in fitting your new boiler.

Contact Plumber Westminster today on 02071833801, and we will be there at your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

If in any situation we fail to finish the fitting of your new boiler on that particular day, we can also provide you with a temporary immersion heater to make sure that hot water is available for you. We also have alternative arrangements in place for our customers for a situation in which you are without heat and the place is freezing, in such instance, we can provide you with a heater to make use of while we get your desired new boiler. When the new boiler is available, we will notify you on the appropriate day you will want our engineers to fit your boiler. We ensure to provide total comfort for you and your family.

Give us a call today on 02071833801.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions usually asked concerning the fitting of a new boiler across Westminster. For additional guidelines or questions on boiler installation service that we provide, contact  Plumber Westminster on 02071833801, and we will be glad to provide you with all the necessary information.

  • What type of boiler do you install?

We install different types of boilers and in any building or environment, boilers ranging from commercial boiler fittings, gas boiler fittings, electric boiler fittings, a conventional system to combi boilers.

  • Can you help me select the right boiler for my home?

Of course, one of our main objectives is to offer our professional opinion on the appropriate boiler to use in your home or office.

  • Do you install boilers in Westminster?

Yes. We render quality boiler installation across Westminster and its environs.

  • Is there any Cover or Warranty?

Indeed, there is an annual free boiler cover, and the manufacturer offers a warranty that lasts for 10 years. 

  • Do you have a scrappage scheme for my old boiler?

Affirmatively, we offer you £400 discount for your old boiler. For further details on our boiler scrappage scheme, call us on 02071833801

  • Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. We possess a fast and reliable boiler estimate system that offers our clients an immediate free installation quote. To receive a free quote for any variety of boiler installation using our boiler estimate system, get in touch with Plumber Westminster or give us a call on 02071833801.

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