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Power Flushing Services in Westminster

Call us to power flush your system - we are a team of professional and certified engineers in Westminster. Your central heating system will significantly benefit from the power flushing service we offer.

Power Flushing And How It Works

All central heating systems do develop a buildup of sludge in their pipes when working over some years. This buildup creates lots of problems in your system - it can make your system function inefficiently and also lead to noisy operations.

Other problems caused by this buildup of sludge are:

  • Expensive heating bills
  • Blocked valves and this will result in cold radiators
  • Your central heating pump will be cutting out constantly
  • There would be poor circulation of water around your central heating system
  • Your radiator will be cold due to buildup of sludge
  • Dirty and black water will accumulate in your central heating system
  • Your radiators would need frequent venting
  • Rusts would develop on your radiators

Contact us today and book for a power flush service.

How Power Flushing Works

At Plumber Westminster, we use the most advanced technologies and cleaning solutions on the market to give our customers the best services. In addition to this, we also useone of the most powerful CF90 Quantum 2 power flushing pumps.

With these pumps and the chemicals, we can eliminate even the most stubborn deposits that have built up in your central heating system for years. All our engineers are certified and well-trained by the manufactures to use these machineries.

This simply means that we can use them to their maximum potential and power. Contact us today and we will get the job done for you.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Commercial and Private Premises

We offer power flushing services to private, residential, business, and commercial premises. Call us no matter the type of facility and we will be there to carry out a free survey and give you a no-obligation quotation.

You will be happy with our services because all our plumbing engineers are well-trained and well trained.

What is a Power Flush System?

The principal component of your central heating system is the boiler. When you renew your boiler, the manufacturer requires that thorough cleaning be carried out on it. The system must be cleaned thoroughly to the BS7593:2006 code of practice.

Currently, this best industry practice is simply to power flush your system. Power flushing is the most effective and fastest way to clean or flush your central heating system. This service includes minimal dismantling and disruption.

We make use of purpose-built power flush pumps; these equipment are designed to correct the buildup of sludge, corrosion deposits, and scale that are found in old central heating systems.

It also eliminates the effects of these problems, such as boiler noise, poor circulation, and other problems. During the process of power flushing, the power flush pump is connected temporarily to a heating system.

The high velocity of water combines with instantaneous flow reversal which removes and mobilises sludge and deposits of corrosion. The pump expels this from the system to the waste because of the loosened debris, and this makes use of a high-velocity flow of freshwater.

Individual radiators can be power flushed without disconnecting or removing them from the system. After the power flush, the system will be filled with clean water, and in a few minutes, re-installed to normal operations.

A power flush is also extremely effective in cleaning systems that have corrosion problems caused by design faults. However, we strongly recommend that design faults should be rectified before commencing a power flush.

How Effective is a Power Flush?

The success of a power flush greatly depends on the corrosion level in your central heating system, which has occurred before now. This cleaning process will eliminate most of the problems associated with circulation, but it cannot undo the gradual decay and corrosion that led to the need for a power flush.

Though it is rare for a central heating system to leak after a power flush, it is also not possible to inspect the internal region of a system before a power flush, and while dispensing chemicals for efficient cleansing, it is possible to find a leak.

In this advanced stage of corrosion, the leak can occur even without a power flush.

Hire Professionals For Your Power Flush

If you are in Westminster and want to get your central heating system power flushed, all you need to do is reach out to Plumber Westminster. Our engineers are well trained and are adept in carrying out power flushing.

You can never go wrong when you hire us - we are reliable and affordable and quality is always guaranteed. Contact us today on 020 71833801 and you will be glad you did.

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