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Boiler Servicing

A regular boiler maintenance service is an effective method of minimising the stress that can occur at the eventual break down of your boiler.  An emergency boiler breakdown can throw you into a state of confusion as well as cause you to make unnecessary expenses.

At Plumber Westminster, our engineers are trained and experienced; we are always available to assist you in rendering a quick and reliable Valliant or Worcester boiler service. Also, we make sure that we provide an efficient way to ensure that your boiler is working safely and correctly, so you can continue to have constant availability of heat and hot water for the family.

In another case, maintenance service reduces any chance of emergency repairs which helps in managing cost.

Worcester and Valliant Boiler Servicing

At Plumber Westminster, we provide you with a one day service on Ariston, Alpha, Biasi, Baxi, Ideal, Potterton, Viessmann, Valliant, Worcester Bosch, and Worcester brand boilers; servicing can be done on these boiler brands within the shortest time possible whenever it is needed.  The maintenance of your boiler is done by our trained and experienced engineers that are well trained, in order words, we ensure that every service carried out for you is in line with the safety standards. We also offer outstanding boiler services annually.

At Plumber Westminster, we operate an efficient customer service which has benefited our customers immensely earning their trust and support.

Most importantly, our charges are at an affordable rate for boiler maintenance services. Get in touch with us today at Plumber Westminster whenever you require maintenance of your boiler or heating system. Give us a call on 020 71833801.

Our Boiler Servicing

At Plumber Westminster, we make use of improved and effective methods to make sure your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

On another note, we provide our clients with two major types of services to make sure your boiler is in perfect working condition. This includes the Standard and Jumbo services.

 For further information or guidelines on which type of service to request for, call us on 020 71833801, and we will assist you properly.

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Standard service

  • Our well trained team of engineers will conduct a thorough investigation of your boiler together with the accessories and controls to make sure that it is in a perfect working condition.
  • Our team of engineers will conduct an in-depth search for leakages, corrosion or blockages.
  • We will also check the seal of your boiler to make sure that it is not loose and change it if necessary to ensure that there is no flue gas leak.
  • Our qualified engineers will conduct thorough supervision of the ignition together with the heat exchanger, which are highly essential parts.
  • We will also carry out a flue analyser test to make sure the burner pressure and combustion are in the right proportion.

Jumbo Service

Our Jumbo service comprises of all the processes involved in the Standard service together with the following:

  • We will conduct a thorough investigation of the valves attached to the radiator to make sure there are no leakages found.
  • Our engineers that are well trained will regulate the radiators to ensure constant pressure and change the former fluid by putting new fluid if necessary.
  • Our team will ensure that all the radiators are heating efficiently.
  • Our well trained engineers will hand you a more effective radiator key.

Annual Boiler Service Maintenance

A boiler breaks down can pose a health risk because it could start to emit carbon monoxide, which is a dangerous and life-threatening gas. Due to the odourless and colourless nature of carbon monoxide, it becomes difficult to notice when it starts emitting from your boiler. A boiler breaks down can also strain the entire heating system, which increases energy costs.

It is advisable to request a boiler servicing every year to be done by an expert that is well trained to make sure your boiler is in a perfect working condition.

At Plumber Westminster, our experts are well trained and well trained with vast experience so you can rely on us to provide you with safe and efficient boiler servicing.

More importantly, the Safe Gas Register is a licensed body in the UK in charge of protecting the public from unqualified engineers who are prone to causing havoc and endangering lives.

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Boiler Safety Checkups

It is advisable to inspect your boiler regularly to ensure it is operating safely and correctly at home; on that note, our well trained professionals have come up with a list of boiler safety guidelines that you can carry out yourself at home.

  • Ensure that you install an alarm and carbon monoxide detector close to your boiler and conduct a routine test to make sure that it is working efficiently.
  • You should as well fit an alarm and smoke detector in the same space as the boiler, and perform a routine test to make sure it is operating as expected.
  • Regularly go through the manual from the manufacturer as it outlines the various inspection routines you should carry out on regular intervals. Also, make sure that the manual is stored in a safe place. In that way, it will easily be accessible whenever our engineers request it when we are to conduct maintenance on your boiler.
  • Check the water level in your boiler. It is to make sure that the present water level is in the right proportion, which will ensure that your boiler is functioning well. If in any situation you notice a reduction in the water level, pour in more water to prevent your boiler from breaking down.
  • Check the pressure and the overall temperature of the boiler. If you notice any sudden changes, like a reduction in the temperature or pressure, endeavour to request the immediate assistance of our engineers at Emergency Plumber Westminster, or you can call us on 020 71833801, and we will respond in the shortest time possible to handle the problem.

Ensure to carry out these boiler safety checkups together with requesting an annual boiler maintenance service by our well trained engineers to ensure that your boiler is in a safe working condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

On several occasions, our yearly and one-off boiler maintenance servicing usually demands some frequently asked questions which are listed below. For further inquiries regarding the nature of our services, you can also call us on 020 71833801, and we will be sure to give you an immediate reply.

  • What boiler brands can your engineers service?

We carry out maintenance on most boiler brands, such as Ariston, Alpha, Biasi, Baxi, Ideal, Potterton, Viessmann, Valliant, Worcester Bosch, and Worcester. Get in touch with us at Plumber Westminster, and we will provide you with efficient service on your boiler.

  • What boiler types do your engineers repair?

Our well trained engineers are well trained and experienced at carrying out maintenance of most boiler brands, together with system, gas, electric, conventional, and regular boilers.

  • How often do you recommend I can have my boiler serviced?

We advise that you carry out regular professional maintenance of your boiler annually.  This will not only make sure that your boiler is intact, but it also enables you to meet the warranty and criteria which requires that your boiler undergo maintenance every year. 

  • What does your boiler service cost?

At Plumber Westminster, we conduct boiler maintenance in two levels: Standard and Jumbo service. Our standard yearly boiler maintenance begins at £95+VAT.  Meanwhile, if your boiler will demand complete maintenance, then the cost starts from £105+VAT.

If you reside in Westminster, and you require any boiler servicing such as Valliant boiler service or Worcester boiler service, do not fail to request the assistance of our highly trained engineers at Plumber Westminster to provide you with quality and effective boiler maintenance and repairs.

Give us a call on 02071833801. 

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