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Gas Repairs & Maintenance

There are several gas appliances in every home. Keeping them in good working condition ensures your safety and also eliminates the worry of them breaking down suddenly. Even when they develop a fault all of a sudden, having a professional gas engineer to check it out and have it fixed in no time is very important.

Plumber Westminster is that plumbing company you should always call on for any gas-related problems in Westminster. We have a team of experienced and registered engineers trained to handle various services.

Repairs and upgrade to boilers

If your boilers have been acting up, you have the option of either fixing it or getting an upgrade. We at plumber Westminster recommend that for any boiler repair, you should always opt for registered professional engineers to get the job done.

Our engineers use quality parts for any repair, and you should be sure that your boilers will be repaired or upgraded to meet the highest standard.

Maintenance for boilers

You don’t have to wait until your boiler completely breaks down before you get it checked. Regular maintenance by professional gas engineers can help increase the life-span of your boiler, ensure safety, and also avoid boiler emergencies. Regular maintenance also saves you money by making the boilers work more efficiently and reduce heating cost. You will also be at peace knowing that your gas boiler is maintained at a high standard when you have us to get the job done.

Our engineers will carry out a detailed inspection and cleaning of your gas pipework, ventilation, clearances and all other gas appliances. We will also inspect the operational function of your boilers to ensure it is safe and finally carry out a combustion efficiency test to make sure that your appliance is operating at its maximum level.

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rating star iconI called emergency plumber for fixing the issue with water heater. He checked the condition of the heater and provided quality service at an affordable rate. We are really happy to hire professional plumbers for our work.

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rating star iconI just had a new boiler installed from these experienced plumbers. I am really impressed with their service. See them next year for annual servicing. Highly recommended!

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Cooker installation

A gas cooker should always be installed with care because a lot of disasters could happen when it is not properly installed. It is also advisable for a well trained engineer to do the cooker installation. With our team of professional well trained engineers, you should have zero worries for your cooker installation in Westminster. We make sure that every gas appliance is installed to meet the regulated standards.

Gas fire installations

Gas fireplaces keep a home warm without going through the stress of a traditional fireplace with wood burners. It eliminates the need for a chimney or chimney sweep and piles of wood logs to keep the fire going. Once you have a fireplace installed, all you need to do is to turn it on at any time.

Every gas fire model has its safety guidelines for installation and maintenance, but you don't have to worry yourself with this because plumber Westminster will take care of every installation detail for you. Call us now, and we will send a well trained engineer.

Gas pipe repairs and maintenance

A faulty gas pipe needs immediate attention. Our gas fitters are always available to advise you on the correct and cost-effective way to fix gas pipe issues. We also carry out regular gas pipe maintenance to ensure your safety.

We are just a call away!

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rating star iconThe plumbers offered great service at reasonable prices. Reached my place quickly. I will definitely use their services in future.

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rating star icon LondonHired them to install my new boiler. They did the work quickly and I am really happy with their work. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for boiler installation.<

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Water heater repairs and maintenance

Having hot water at your disposal is the perk of a modern home. It allows you to carry on with your chores without stress. We know that a water heater endures a lot of wear and time from the long hours of usage, that is why we offer repairs and maintenance for all types of water heaters. Our trained and qualified technicians are also available for any emergency water heater repairs.

You can reach out to us today if you have any water heater issue in Westminster.

Landlord gas safety certificates

In line with the legal requirement for every landlord to have a gas safety certificate on every property, our gas safety engineers carry out gas inspections and give out the CP12 certificate.

If you are in Westminster, do not hesitate to contact us on 02071833801 for all your gas-related installations, repairs and maintenance. We are just a phone call away to offer you our services at competitive rates.

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