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Complete Guide to Purchase Water Heater

Are you looking to purchase a water heater? Well, this can be a bit overwhelming if you are a new buyer. You will find different kinds of water heaters with several features, options and styles. Several questions may arise in your mind and some of these are – What is the difference between various water heaters and how the differentiation exactly matters? What will make a particular kind of water heater a better option for your house? What are the things to consider when want to invest your money in a new heater?

This blog post discusses all important information about water heaters so that you may select the right one for your need. In case you don’t want to buy a new heater and the old one is not working efficiently, contact installers who can help with water heater repair services in Islington and get it repaired soon.

Different kinds of water heater

There are three types of water heater you may choose from and these are –

  • Storage tank water heaters – Storage tank water heaters are commonly used and the most “traditional” water heater. These heaters help in heating water in a large, insulated tank and then store it properly till it is actually required. Most storage-tank water heaters either use electricity or gas in the form of the power source.

The heaters are widely used as they are available in different sizes. Thus, whatever might be the need for hot water in your home, there is a storage-tank water heater for you. They are consistent and so, as long as you have hot water in the tank, it is easy to access hot water immediately.

  • Tankless water heaters – These heaters do not have a tank and so, they cannot store water. Rather, they consist of special coils that allow heating water when needed. The only time tankless heater uses power is when it is used. Thus, the heaters are more energy-efficient when compared to other models.

Tankless heaters do not have any restrictions and they can store lots of hot water in reserve. This ensures you will not “run out” of hot water until you use up all the water in the storage tank. On the other hand, these heaters need to heat all hot water at once. This means they might find it difficult to supply hot water to several fixtures at once. Ultimately, these heaters seem to be more efficient and affordable than storage tank water heaters.

  • Hybrid water heaters – This kind of heater takes heat from the air and then uses it for heating water inside. They are more energy-efficient than standard electric water heaters, however, they too have their own limitations too.

You need to place the heater in a warm place so that they can get heat from the air. They are also big and unwieldy that can make them difficult to be installed in a convenient area.

Important things to consider when purchasing a water heater

When searching for a heater in the market, it is important to keep these three questions in mind. By answering them, you will be able to choose the right kind of heater for your need.

How much hot water do you need to use?

In the case of storage-tank water heaters, the determination is known as first-hour rating or FHR. For tankless water heaters, it is called gallons-per-minute or GPM rating. The numbers help to indicate how much-heated water the device may provide during the specified time. Tank-heaters are usually available up to 55 gallons and over 55 gallons. Thus, before making any choice, know how much hot water you will use during a day and how much to use at a particular time.

How long will the warranty be?

Warranties for different water heaters usually vary from two to twelve years. The models that have longer warranty will usually cost more, but they seem to have better insulation and heating elements. It is advised to opt for the one that provides the longest warranty so that the water heater lasts for a long time.

What type of features you might be interested in?

Contemporary water heaters are found will all types of whistles and bells. Some water heaters consist of digital displays that examine the levels of scale and other contaminants present inside the tank. However, others offer specific control over hot water temperature and you can manage exactly when some heaters turn on and off. Some additional features might be of great help, but they are also available at extra cost.

Do you want to know your options and ask questions to purchase the best heater for you? You may get in touch with the professionals of a reputed water heater installation company in Islington where they will help in selecting and installing a new heater for your house.

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