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Bathroom Refurbishment Islington

Hurray! We are here again! It's been a wonderful job installing bathrooms across London. Now we have come to do the same in Islington!

Hey, are you looking for a plumbing company for bathroom installation from scratch to finish? Sweat no more! Our local plumber in Islington is here for you. We provide a plethora of bathroom and wet-room services from installation to repair and maintenance.

What Kind Of Bathroom Do We Install?

At Emergency Plumber Islington, it's our job to fix domestic and commercial bathrooms for ease and comfort. If you need a home bathroom, you can choose any type from our catalogues that will fit your lifestyle. What if you've bought one already? We will surely install it for you! Just know that when we are done, you may not be able to recognise your bathroom anymore because it will definitely exceed your expectations positively.

For commercial bathrooms, we can install bathroom fixtures and fittings that will transform your office or public outlet to a place your clients always want to visit. Apart from your office space, your bathroom should also welcome clients! We are the people for the job! Waste no time in calling us now.

Be it a traditional or state-of-the-art bathroom; you can count on us to install them for you. Give Emergency Plumber Islington a call today for a change in your bathroom style.

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Bathroom Installation Specialists

Bathrooms are for bathing and cleaning up the body. People do love the feel of cold or hot water cascading down their skin, especially in a wonderful done bathroom.

We are experts when it comes to bathroom design and installation. From the bathroom floor to the ceiling, it would be worth it! We've been doing quality bathroom installation across Islington using just experienced and highly trained engineers in the field. How about calling us today to get yours done? It's going to be a thorough job you'll love; give us a ring!

Our Qualification

At Emergency Plumber Islington, we have successfully maintained a reputation for performing good plumbing. This has been possible through our regular training on the job plus our closeness to manufacturers.

We have a team that install bathrooms according to safety and health standards. Our customers are our priority, and a good job is our passion. We don't jeopardise any of these in performing our job.

So, are you in Islington? Do you need a bathroom for just you or your entire family? Call us now for installation with the finest hands in the plumbing industry.

Are You Ready For A Bathroom Installation?

If you are ready to own a bathroom, we can give you our non-obligatory quote and job estimate. We can even show you how some of these bathrooms work because we have close ties with manufacturers. If you need a good price on these bathrooms, we can help you with that!

Feel free to discuss your bathroom needs with us, and we'll help you select the right one for you. We have brochures and catalogues you can always choose from.

If you've got a choice of bathroom already, it's fine with us. We'll just go ahead and give you an estimate of the labour for installation only. You'd be happy to have us work for you. Contact us soon!



How We Install A Bathroom

Before, during, and after installing your bathroom, we ensure that every step of the entire process is smooth and professional. Emergency Plumber Islington will give you more than you bargained for in a bathroom. Here's how:

Take A Bathroom Survey

We don't nose dive into bathroom installation without proper planning, including survey. At Emergency Plumber Islington, we will first get to know your bathroom needs, the kind of bathroom you want, inspect your present bathroom, then give you a precise installation fee. Our job estimate is free of charge!

With this information, we can then proceed with supplying you with a new bathroom suite designed for your bathroom space. Hire us for very good bathroom installation Islington.

Remove Your Current Bathroom

As usual, we will uninstall your existing bathroom first before installing the new one. Our engineers will be careful to turn off your water supply from the mains and gently take out every current bathroom fixtures and fittings.

We will disconnect the electricity in the bathroom for safety, cover the cleared out bathroom space with a protective material before working to install the new bathroom.

Install New Bathroom Suite

All the old pipes will be removed, and new pipes laid to connect to the toilet, washbasin and other fixtures. With that done, we will proceed to carefully and adequately install your new bathroom, making sure that everything you want is put in place just the way you'd like it.

It is our routine always to test our work. So, before we go, we would check the newly installed taps and shower for leaks, and the toilet too to make sure everything is working well.

Our working space will be cleaned up, and your bathroom fittings returned to their position.

Bear in mind that we will explain everything we intend to do with you before starting the job. This is to make sure you are okay with the plans.

Don't think twice on who to call for bathroom refurbishing Islington. We are certified and capable. Call us right away.

Cost of Bathroom Installation

As with everything, the cost depends on the kind of bathroom you want. The type of bathroom you choose will also determine the number and type of plumbing materials for the job.

It is also noteworthy of mentioning that the complexity of the installation will spell out the hours of labour to put in, which in turn goes into the cost estimate.

On average, the starting price of a bathroom installation is about £4,500. Try getting a qualified plumber to do the job for you even if it costs more. It is better than spending more money on fixing a poorly installed bathroom.

Thinking of who to call? Call us at Emergency Plumber Islington.

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Installation Duration

It may take some time to get your bathroom all prepped up and ready for installation. The key thing is that the duration depends on the type of bathroom upgrade, the size and shape of the bathroom, the number of materials needed, plus the labour hours.

As much as possible, we will do our best to ensure your bathroom is ready for use in the hour. We know you can't wait to start enjoying your bathroom, but this will only be if the job is properly done.

For a professional bathroom installation without any hassles, do well to call us on 020 31375020 at Emergency Plumber Islington.

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