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At Emergency Plumber Islington, we repair boilers so if you are having problems with your boiler, let us know by calling 020 31375020.

We will find the fault of your boiler and help you repair it accordingly. All you need to do is to explain the problem; we will provide the solution. Let us know or learn more about us by clicking here.


The boiler is important in the home as it provides warmth and keeps the family from cold. It is also responsible for delivering hot water to every part of the house for washing, bathing, cooking and every other chore. The normal daily use of a boiler puts the boiler at risk of a breakdown, which is usually the cause of its reduced efficiency level. To have a functional boiler that is never tired of doing its work, you will need a professional fault finding and repair service.

In cases where your boiler does not function properly or stops working completely, come to us, and we will fix the problem with our professional boiler repair and fault finding services. We are in Islington, and we can locate you when you call us. Your boiler will function properly once again.

With us, you do not have to worry about safety as all our engineers are well trained, they also have a lot of experiences from repairing various models and brands of boiler.


You should know it is time to fix your boiler when:

  • The water it produces is suddenly too hot or cold
  • It has problems with differentiating between turning heating and the hot water on or off
  • When the pressure dial drops less than 1.0 when the heating is off
  • The pilot light always goes out, and there is a presence of some cranking noise
  • There is leakage through a pipe behind the boiler
  • The boiler has stopped working completely


For the problems of your boiler to be detected and corrected appropriately, it is necessary to find fault. This fault-finding process is usually carried out by experts through different means, including switching different components within the confines of a manufacturer or certain brand. Our professional plumbers Islington can help you rectify a problem when they see one.

Contact us today to begin fault finding for your boiler.

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The boiler is a very important item in the home, and so it must be perfectly maintained. The professionals are well experienced, and they know how the boiler and plumbing system operate, so you will be at a lesser risk of having your plumbing system spoilt by unprofessional hands. They also know how the different brads operate and have the required knowledge for the fixing of each brand.

We can always come to look out for whatever may be the problem of your boiler. Our boilre repairing engineers are well trained, and they will stop at nothing until they rectify and thoroughly repair your boiler. All that is required is that you give us a call and cooperate with us so we can do a good job for you.


We have the license to install for most of the major boiler manufacturers. Through your experiences, we have become very familiar with the workings and specifications of each boiler make and brand; you can trust us for any make, be it old or new.

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To have a boiler that is always up and doing, you need to get it serviced regularly. Doing this will prevent the boiler from having a major breakdown and will also keep your boiler clean.

Though skipping this process may save some money initially, but more money will be spent when the boiler develops a major fault. Why wait till you stand a great risk of losing your boiler?

Call us and let us take care of the regular servicing of your boiler by dialling 020 31375020. You can obtain more information about boilers and other appliances by clicking here. Your satisfaction is our concern.

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