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Gas Safety Testing & Certification

Is it time for gas safety testing? Reach out to us on 020 31375020 for expert Islington gas safety testing & Certification, and maintain the safety of your home. An appointment will be scheduled for one of our technicians to visit you and carry out the testing in a time that is convenient for you. Click here to save money by making use of our existing online coupons. 

Gas Safety Testing Certification Services in Islington, UK

With the whole gas pathways and appliances in a standard house, it is little wonder that the government has written the testing for gas safety into law. One major problem in places where you'll find gas fixtures and appliances is safety, so a critical step will be to have a gas safety testing certification issued by a well trained engineer.


If you are the owner of a property, and you have tenants in them, the law requires you to check the boiler, gas supplies, flues, and appliances and certify them yearly.

We as well trained engineers, we are authorised to help you carry out this check and to issue to you the CP12 certificate which you must give your tenants within twenty-eight days of the inspection, or maybe at the moment that they start living in your house.

We can liaise with your tenants or managing agents over returning and collecting keys, and we can directly email you the electronic copies of the CP12.


Ensure that the flues, chimneys, and gas are operating correctly and safe at your house. Make sure all of them are certified by a professional Gas Safe engineer. This certificate is also known to be the CP12. And this certificate gives an in-depth safety report of flues, gas appliances, and gas pipework which are installed in your home.

At Emergency Plumber Islington, we can do safety checks for you, then issue to you a CP12 (Homeowner's Gas Safety Certificate) which includes the checks that are carried out, for you to have peace of mind. 


If you reside in a property which was rented, you ought to have been given a recent valid copy of a CP12 Gas Safety Record Certificate the moment you moved in. Your landlord must renew the certificate yearly, and the copy of every new certificate must be given to you.

If you don't have a CP12 certificate which is current, reach out to the managing agent that is in charge of the house, or you can just directly meet your landlord, and ask either of them for a copy. If you give out the details of our company to either of them, we would be glad to come over and do the check, issue the certificate, then send a copy to your landlord via email.

If it is time for your test for gas safety, do not postpone it any longer. Reach out to Emergency Plumber Islington on 020 31375020 for expert testing you can bank on in Islington.


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