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Basement Flood Cleanup

Emergency plumber Islington has a team of expert and experienced plumbers that are ready 24/7 to handle every water damage emergency that you may be faced with. Our trained professional plumbers are aware that having a flooded house is an emergency and it can lead to the waterlogging and damage of your flooring, carpet, ceiling and personal valuables if a professional expert does not quickly handle the situation.

Why don't you call us today on 02031375020 to avoid the disastrous effects of a flooded home or to reduce the damage that may be caused? We always guarantee the best in service and quality. Call us today!

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Handling the Issue of Flood

Do you know that having a flooded home is a cause of great worry? Well, it is,and it has the risk of damaging various fixtures in your home. Most people tend to ignore some certain minor plumbing leaks, not realising that these minor issues, such as a burst pipe, can lead to flooding in their homes.

It is, therefore, necessary that you call on your professional emergency plumbers Islington to carry out a routine inspection of your pipes to avoid a case of flooding. During our routine check-ups, we would be able to detect any form of abnormalities in your pipes before it gets disastrous.

Contact us today to schedule a routine checkup with any of our expert and professional plumbers! We guarantee you an excellent service that would make you happy.

Do you know there are numerous ways in which your house can get flooded? Some of them are discussed below:

House Flooding Caused by the Washing Machine

The washing machine is one of the ways in which your house can be flooded. The following instances can lead to your washing machine flooding your home;

  • When your washing machine gets older and wear and tear kicks in, the seal around the drain pump can begin to crack and therefore leak water into the floor of your home.
  • When you add excess detergent to your washing machine, it can cause the soapy water to overflow onto the surrounding areas of the washing machine.
  • When the water supply hoses begin to leak water away from the washing machine, this can cause flooding to your home,especially if the situation is not quickly controlled.

House Flooding Caused by the Toilet

The toilet can also contribute to the flooding of your house through the following ways:

  • If there is a crack in the tank, this can cause water to drip onto the floor of your toilet.
  • If the wax seal of your toilet has broken, water can begin to leak and pool around your toilet area whenever you flush.
  • Water can leak continuously and gradually onto the floor if you have a loose plumbing connection in the valve on the wall behind your toilet.
  • When you have a sink blockage, water may overflow and flow onto the floor of your toilet.

House Flooding Caused by the Dishwasher

Usually, too much soap in the dishwasher can lead to the eruption of the dishwasher, thereby flooding the house with soapy water.

  • A crack in the water hose can cause leakage leading to water pooling around the dishwasher area.
  • If the dishwasher door gasket is not properly sealed, this can lead to water flowing from the dishwasher.
  • Water can pool on the floor of your kitchen from beneath the dishwasher if there is a crack in the spray arm through which water may leak out from.
  • There can be a leak beneath the dishwasher as a result of a faulty pump or broken pump seal in your dishwasher.

House Flooding Caused From Your Water Heater

  • If there is a leak from the water supply pipe that leads to the water tank itself, this can cause pooling of water around the floor of your tank.
  • Corrosion can also cause the water tank to leak.
  • The heating element gasket in the water heater can also leak water.
  • A fault in the relief valve or drain valve can also lead to leakage.

What To Do If You Have a Flooded House?

The ideal thing is to have your Emergency Plumber Islington contact to call for immediate service.

Further, you must call your plumber Islington whenever you observe water unusually pooling around your major appliances such as the water heater, dishwasher, or even the washing machine. This is important because the water must have pooled under the appliance long before it finally begins to flow out and become evident on your house floor.

What are the Effects of a Flooded House?

Standing water under these home appliances can be a good breeding ground for mould, bacteria and pathogens, which can be a threat to the health of your household.

Another effect of flooding in your home is the massive amount of damage water can cause to your house structures and fixtures. It also poses a threat to the general safety of your household.

Contact Emergency Plumber Islington Today

Whenever you observe water pooling around the floor of your home or any leaking hose or pipe, make sure you contact EmergencyPlumberIslington for adequate and fast action. We are highly qualified to fix all kinds of plumbing issues that you may be experiencing.

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