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Dealing with Water Overflows

You can be faced with plumbing faults at any time of the day, or night, and without any prior warning. Plumbing breakdowns can occur very quickly in a system you once thought was fine and healthy.

As a homeowner, you are faced with many plumbing issues. One issue which can be truly troublesome and damaging in a home is water overflow.  If you find your home facing the possibility of an overflow, we recommend you give Emergency Plumber Islington a call on 020 31375020. We offer a high standard of plumbing solutions and will ensure your drains are made to flow without any fault.

What are the types of water overflows that we can assist you in fixing?

Overflows are varied, and as experts in excellent plumbing services, our engineers at Emergency Plumber Islington can help you repair the following:

  • Toilet Blockage

A blocked toilet results in bad odours and very grave health concerns for residents in the home. Common causes of a toilet overflow are tissue papers and other solid objects which are sent down the drain. These objects accumulate and cause plumbing pipes to block.

At Emergency Plumber Islington, we can repair problems of a simple blockage with the use of only certain plumbing tools. If the overflow is as a result of a severe fault in the plumbing network, our engineers at Emergency Plumbers Islington are still capable of rendering expert assistance.

Call us today on 020 31375020 for any issues of toilet overflow. Ensure you also call us if you find you need refurbishing of your bathroom; our team will be on hand to attend to your request in the shortest time possible.

  • Sink Overflows

Many of our clients complain that a sink overflow is a common plumbing issue in the home. Sink overflows usually occur when fat and grease are continuously allowed to pile and rise inside drains and connecting pipes. Fat especially is a major problem in cases of sink overflow. We recommend you find a more effective way of disposing of fat, and cease pouring it into the drain.

Ensure other objects do not build up in the drains also, including soap and debris of old food, as they will usually result in blockages.

Call 020 31375020 to make an appointment with Emergency Plumber Islington to repair any issues of overflow while still in its early stages, this way we can prevent a small fault from expanding to a graver condition and causing worse damage.

We advise you never to employ the use of any chemical to aid you in manually unblocking a clogged sink. This is dangerous and could have very severe consequences.

  • Drain Inspections

At Emergency Plumber Islington, we employ the best and latest skills and technologies in providing you with the best plumbing solutions. Need a thorough inspection of your drains? Our engineers are equipped with up-to-date CCTV technology to find the primary causes of any overflow. This is of great importance in cases where an unrepaired overflow grows into multiple blocked pipes and many severe overflows 

Using our technology and expertise, we could come upon an unblocked drain, but find a backed-up septic system is the cause of the overflow. This often will necessitate us to pump all the contents completely from the septic tank. You can contact us today to carry out additional inspection of your drains and offer best-practice solutions. 


We advise you not to make the mistake of ruling an overflow issue as a simple case of a blocked drain, as there could be even more serious causes to take into consideration beyond the drains.

At Emergency Plumbers Islington, we assure you only the best standard in skill and expertise in ensuring your plumbing blockages are cleared, and your drains are made to flow without any hindrance. Call us today on 020 31375020 to fix an appointment.

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