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Stopcock Replacement and Repair

The stopcock is the control tap for the main cold water coming into your house. You might have come across a situation where you needed emergency help with your stopcock replacement — if you have not, then you are lucky not to have experienced this embarrassing situation.

How a Stopcock Tap Helps you

A stopcock tap is very important in a house. We will give some scenario to help you understand the importance of a stopcock.

  • The first scenario

Imagine that there is water leakage in your house and you are unable to stop the leaking tap or pipe leakage, the first thing to do before the leakage gets out of hand is to stop the flow of water into the house, and this can be done by turning the stopcock tap in a clockwise position.

This will prevent your properties and furniture from getting damaged. Then the next thing to do is give us a call, and our expert team of plumbers will be there to get the water leakage fixed within 24 hours.

  • Second scenario

Now, let’s say you are doing some home plumbing or you want to fix the shower or install a new one, or you want to replace the kitchen sink; the first thing you have to do is to stop the flow of water into the house, and this can be done by the use of a stopcock tap.

This will help you carry on with your works without wasting water and flooding your property.

The scenarios mentioned above have helped you to understand the importance of a stopcock - without a stopcock tap, you cannot do all these. Now that you’ve known the importance of a stopcock, you have to make sure it is functioning well at all times.

You should check it frequently and even know where it is located in your house so that anytime you have a plumbing emergency, you should know where to go to immediately and stop water flow into your house.

You can reach to us to get a stopcock installed or fixed.

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Stopcock Replacement

Our expert team of plumbers can carry out a stopcock replacement for you if it is not working fine; we are an emergency plumbing company, and we can fix any plumbing problem within a short time.

Make sure you always get a professional to give you the best solutions for these mishaps. Our team of professional, certified, qualified, and experienced plumbers can help you with this. They know all the advanced methodologies and expertise in handling all kinds of plumbing problems, they are also well-skilled in replacing water shut off valve.

It is important to have water shut off valve located outside to save water and prevent water leakage. This will strengthen the defence of your plumbing system.

Contact us today, and we assure you an accurate, reliable, and fast service to help handle the water leakage you are facing.


The Cost of Replacing a Stopcock

Contact us today, and our expert team will help you replace a stopcock to save your water, and this will be done at an affordable cost.

A stopcock replacement costs around £100 to £400 and this depends on the material used and the number of hours used for the job.


Air pressure Switch Stop Valve

It is also advisable to install an air pressure switch valve; this will work with air pressure to switch the off the valve. This also should cost you £50 to £400.

Auto stopcock

This is the latest technology used in preventing common mishaps like flooding caused by water leakage or a burst pipe. Call us, and we will install one for you in your home or office.


Advantages of Auto Stopcock

The benefits of having a auto stopcock installed in your home or office are:

  • It offers remote electric switch installation
  • It has low-temperature cut-off system
  • It has water flow detection
  • Excess water flow cut off the system
  • It has an easy to use control panel
  • It has a constant water flow override system
  • It has vacant property cut off system


Reasons Why a Landlord Should Install an Auto Stopcock

An auto stopcock helps you deal with water leakage emergency on your property rented out. This will save your property from damages that can destroy the leaked parts, the floorings, the walls, the furniture, or even your neighbour’s property.

You might have easy water cut off options as a landlord; you might have made it in such a way that your tenants have easy access when there is a water leakage before it starts getting flooded.  A lot of damages would have occurred before you get to your property when you get a call from your tenants, and this, in turn, can leave you with a massive damage bill.

It’s wiser and advisable to invest £400 - £500 in an auto stopcock and have quality peace of mind. Call us today if you are a landlord, and we will give you an auto stopcock replacement quotation and one of our engineers will be happy to work with you and assist you.


The Emergency Plumber Islington

We are a team of expert and qualified engineers who offer a wide range of plumbing services in Islington; we are well trained and licensed to carry out these services. So you don’t have to worry because professionals will do all your work.

Some of the plumbing services we offer are:

  • Pipeworks
  • Advanced plumbing
  • Radiator plumbing
  • Stopcock replacement and repair
  • Electric water heater repairs
  • Kitchen sink tap replacement
  • Water heater boiler repair
  • Dripping tap repairs
  • Cylinder hot water repair
  • Thermostat adjustment and repair
  • Saniflo installation and repair
  • Shower installation
  • Water cylinders installations
  • Washing machine installations
  • Water cylinders repairs
  • Bathroom renovation and refurbishment
  • Water leak detection and repairs
  • Toilet installations
  • Immersion heater wiring and repair
  • Blocked sinks and toilet repairs
  • Mains water pipe repair
  • Water storage tank installations
  • Gutters cleaning and repairs
  • Basement flood clean up
  • Overflow plumbing


Why you should contact us

It is important that all your plumbing be done by a professional; this is for your safety and to avoid future costs on repairs and replacement due to faulty and sub-standard work. Also, avoid cheap plumbers because they won’t do the job properly, they give substandard works, and this will tell on your pocket later and also give you more headaches.

We are a team of professional plumbers in Islington and we delight in giving our clients the best and nothing but the best. We provide 24/7 plumbing services and also emergency plumbing services.

We are well trained, and we are well-experienced to handle all kinds of plumbing repairs and installations.


Home and Commercial Plumbing Services

We offer both home and commercial plumbing services; we also offer water leak detection service in either your home or office. We have a lot of satisfied customers, and this has built us a good name and reputation over the years.

24 Hours Plumbing Service

We are available 24 hours every day to help meet your plumbing need and plumbing emergencies. Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day, and we are here to help you solve whatever problem it is at any time of the day.

Even on holidays like Christmas or Sundays, we are available.


Local Plumbers in Islington

Why not hire a local plumber and help promote their business? You will motivate and boost your local market in this way, and you will also build a good relationship with the local people.

We also offer a discount to local customers.


Our Burst Pipe Repair Service is Affordable

We don’t charge our customers too much; all our services are of high quality that meets the best of standards, yet they are affordable and pocket-friendly.

We are Certified and Licensed

The law requires that every plumbing job be done by professionals who are registered and certified; this qualifies them for the job. All the plumbers on our team are well-trained, licensed, and fully certified to carry out all kinds of plumbing activities.

You can request to see our certificate and license before we do your job and you should do this for any plumber you call.

You can also compare our prices with other local plumbing companies, and we assure you that our price will be the best you can afford and yet we won’t compromise the quality of the services rendered.

Feel free to give us a call today on 020 31375020, and we will be right there to solve whatever stopcock and auto stopcock installation, repair, and problems you have.

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