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4 Major Causes of Blocked Drains in Residential Properties

Your house is dependent on having a proper drainage system and effective pipes to ensure that water can flow easily. If there is some kind of blockage or pipe burst, then this might cause the wastage of water that can be really unpleasant. In this blog, we will take a look at common reasons that lead to blocked drains in Islington and how to deal with them.

Putting Unnecessary Items in the Sinks and Toilets

One common cause of blockage is throwing things in the drains that shouldn’t be disposed of this way. Some of them are things like foods, hair, soap and some toilet papers. Baby, cleaning or facial wipes do not break down as normal toilet paper does and so, they can accumulate in the drains and block them. Also, flushable wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. Other items found in the drains are nappies, living goldfish and growing cannabis plants.

What You Can Do: 

Simply do not throw anything down the toilet that does not tear apart when you pour water over it.

External Items Go Into the Drains

Drains can become blocked from the outside too. Debris, stones and leaves can fall down and get into the drains and sometimes cause blockages.

What You Can Do: 

You can install some drain covers over the grates to stop objects from flowing into the drains.

Tree Roots

Tree roots may be widespread underground which can over time be a problem for your pipes as they can get damaged. The caused cracks in the pipes can lead to leaks and even block the normal flow of water.

What You Can Do: 

To a certain extent, this may be out of your control as you cannot see what happens underground. It is suggested to keep a keen eye on any trees on the property such as old and large ones. If you find tree roots that are causing other problems such as coming up through the ground or cracking paths, then they might probably cause issues below the ground too. Thus, when you detect potential problems, you should hire a professional who can check and take care of the issue before it becomes a more serious problem.

Pipe Structural Issues

Both leakages and blockages usually occur due to the breakdown of the pipes. Terracotta pipes might crack and get dislocated while fibreglass pipes can become ‘squashed’ which can decrease their size and prevent the flow of water.

What You Can Do:

 Since it is completely underground, it might be quite difficult to know when there is some problem unless you experience major issues. A survey conducted with correlator technology conducted by a professional is the only way to detect whether there is a problem. However, this is definitely a better option than waiting until you get a sewage leakage in the house.

Signs of Blocked Drains to Take Into Consideration

There will be certain indications of drain blockage before it turns into a major problem like sewage leak in the house. This might include water not draining properly or a foul smell from the sinks and toilets. You might also find a small amount of water coming from the lower parts of the house like cellars that might cause bad odour.

Deal With Blocked Drains

If you are worried about drain blockage, then it is important to conduct a survey with correlator technology to send a camera down the drain and find out exactly what is happening there to suggest the right course of action. This survey is usually done for nearly £90 which is quite inexpensive as compared to dealing with a sewage leak in your house. If water is coming from somewhere else in the house, then dye testing will enable to detect the leakage and from where the water is coming.

Thus, when there is some kind of blockage, the emergency plumbers in Islington will provide you with high-pressure jetting service which will clear it out completely and replace or fix any damaged or broken pipes.

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