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4 Ways to Unblock Your Shower Drain

Employing plumbers for all your plumbing needs sometimes can be very expensive. Minor blocked drain problems in your home are what you can always sort out by yourself except in some serious cases. Every plumbing fixture in your home can become blocked, from the kitchen and bathroom sinks to the tub and toilet. Blocked shower drains can be very disgusting, especially when you have to take your early morning shower in the pool of water from your previous bath. 

Most blocked shower drains occur as a result of dirt, hair or wasted soap in your bathroom that was washed down your drain. If you experience blocked shower drain in your home, below are some steps you should take to unblock them.

Removing hair, dirt and soap residue

Blocked drains are caused by the accumulation of dirt, hair and wasted soap that you flush down the drain. Getting rid of this drain blockage is very easy; get a screwdriver, and you are good to go.

The first step is to unscrew the screen of your drain so that you can see inside the hole very well or raise the lever and pull out the stopper from the hole if it is a pop-up drain. Get a wire, bend the tip and let it down the hole, turn it around several times and pull out as many hairs or dirt as possible – some minor drain blockage can open up at the first contact with the wire. When the drain has been cleared, rinse the drain stopper or screen and place them back.

Using a plunger

Your shower drain can also plunge the same way you plunge your blocked toilet and sink. This step should be considered if the drain remains blocked after removing dirt and hair blocking the drain. The use of plunger is effective where the above step failed because it pushes water with pressure down the drain up to the level your wire cannot get to. Plunge usage is not effective without water, so your bathtub must be filled with water before using this procedure for drain unblocking.

Using baking soda and vinegar

Pouring baking soda and vinegar can clean up your drain. This procedure is not toxic, and it is very safe compared to chemical alternative for drain cleaning. For this process to be effective, one-quarter cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar should be poured down the drain leaving it for15 to 20 minutes. After the stipulated time, hot water should be poured into the drain to wash away the baking soda and vinegar. Check afterwards if this cleaning process is successful by turning on the tap in the bathtub to see if it will flow through.

Call an Emergency Plumber

After trying every possible procedure and the problem is still not resolved, then you should call out to your plumber for help. Emergency plumber London is the ideal plumbing company that specialises in fixing blocked drains. You can place a call through today for our plumbers to be deployed to your property.

You should consider hiring a plumber to clear up your shower blocked drain because trying to clear it up yourself might damage your plumbing system. Emergency Plumber Islington is a professional plumbing company you can always trust to fix your shower drain. Call us on 020 34752302 to schedule a visit.

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