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How to Install a Toilet Flange

If you want to replace the toilet flange, it’s an easy task. But before attempting it, you must know how to install a toilet flange. Many homeowners try out the DIY methods to install the flange. Such DIY process could be difficult and you will be left with something else that doesn’t look like flange anymore. When you think that installing flange is not in your task or you can’t able to fix it correctly, you can always take help from the bathroom refurbishment in Haringey.

With the correct tools and steps, you can easily install the flange. Let’s read further how you can fix the flange within a few hours!

Tools you will need to install the flange

  • New toilet flange
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Wax bowl
  • Screwdriver

Follow these steps to replace toilet flange

  • Be very clear of the steps you need to do. If you fail to complete the operation swiftly and properly, you can make serious water damage. Start the process of installation by removing the old flange, any surrounding obstructions, and the wax ring. You need to begin with a smooth, clean surface.
  • Now, put the T bolts from your new toilet flange in the slots on either side of the toilet flange. This will give it the right placement. If you are using a new toilet flange then it has a slot where the bolts can be inserted from the top and it will slide in-place automatically. The threaded shafts need to be sticking towards the up direction and will not pull through after final adjustment.
  • Keep the toilet flange by pressing it down into the opening of the drain, using the T-bolts. Make sure that the bolts are at equal distance from the back of the wall.
  • Twist the fasteners snugly into place by using a screwdriver. Make sure that the fasteners are not extending above the toilet flange.
  • Fix the wax bowl directly onto the flange. This will seal the toilet. It will also prevent water and sewer gas leakage.
  • Once you have placed the wax seal in its place, you can now fit the toilet onto the flange.

If you still need help for the installation, emergency plumber Haringey are always there for you!

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