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Hidden Plumbing Leaks

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, we are the experts in uncovering every hidden leak in your home and also providing you with effective and efficient plumbing services that will fix the problem in no time.

It would be our delight to serve you. Give us a call today on 020 37457589.

Taking Care of Hidden Plumbing Leaks

It is a plumbing disaster to have a hidden plumbing leak in your home. Plumbing leaks can be very expensive to repair in repair quotations.

Hence, it is crucial for every homeowner to be able to identify the symptoms of a plumbing leak to avoid the costly damage that it may cause to your home structure and fixtures.

Hidden plumbing leaks also cause an increase in the cost of water bills as time passes by. Asides the structural damage they cause, they also pose a threat to your family's health as they can be breeding grounds for mildew, mould, bacteria etc.

Who Can Have a Hidden Leak?

Just about anyone can be faced with a hidden leak problem at the most unexpected time. So yes, even you can be faced with this plumbing issue. However, the most important thing is how you quickly detect the signs of a hidden plumbing leak and reduce the effects it may cause.

How Can You Find a Hidden Plumbing Leak?

When there is an unnoticed leak in the pipe or plumbing fixtures, it can be a cause of water flood in the home no matter how silent and slow the leak may be.

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, our plumbers have compiled some guidelines that will help you detect the telltale signs of a plumbing leak and the most common places where they are most likely to be detected.

Always Compare Your Water Bills Constantly

Our plumbers advise that you always observe any changes in your water bill. This is because if you notice an unusual increase in the bill without reasons that can be accounted for, then the odds are that you probably have a hidden plumbing leak in your home.

The Water Meter Leak Test

As earlier explained, an irrational and abnormal increase in your water bills could mean the presence of a hidden plumbing leak; therefore one of the most effective ways to detect a hidden leak is by carrying out the water meter test. The water meter test is simply using the readings of your water meter to check for hidden plumbing leaks.

It is recommended to carry out this test when you are at home alone.

You can also contact us to help you with this test if you are experiencing difficulty doing it on your own.

Steps on Carrying Out the Water Meter Test

  • First of all, do not use water from any source in your house floor for at least 3 hours. This would include closing all water outlets from your bathroom taps, dishwasher, washing machines, toilets, outdoor taps etc.
  • Next, take note of the current reading on your water meter, or you can take a picture of it with your phone.
  • You have to set a timer for a minimum of 3 hours or above.
  • When the timer goes off, go and check your meter. If you observe that the meter has been reading away, then you probably have a hidden leak in your home.

What Next After Finding Out That You Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak?

Now that you know there is a chance of having a plumbing leak in your home, the first places that should come to mind are your exposed drains, bathroom, toilets, kitchen (dishwashers, sinks etc), garden sprinkler system, washing machines etc.

When you notice a pool of water or water drips around these areas, know that you have a leak there and you would need to call a plumber immediately. Call Emergency Plumber Haringey the moment you detect a leak in your home. Contact us on 020 37457589.

If you have a more complicated plumbing issue such as concealed pipe leakage, you would need to contact us immediately to help you fix the problem at hand. This is because such plumbing issues can gradually cause structural damage to your home.

Some other signs of a leak are stained and mouldy wallpaper or ceilings, sagging floors, and even earthy smells around certain areas in your home.

Washing Machine and Dishwashers

A leak in the hose of your dishwasher or washing machine can easily become a major problem when it ruptures. Hence, you would need to replace the hoses as soon as possible so that the problem does not become more expensive than it ought to be.

Also, ensure you check the pumps, hoses and valves on your appliances for oxidation or discolouration as these are signs of leaks.

Ways in Which the Washing Machine and Dishwashers Can Cause Leak

  • When your washing machine and dishwasher get older as a result of wear and tear, the seal around the drain pump can begin to crack and therefore leak water onto the surrounding floor of your kitchen.
  • There can be a leak under the dishwasher as a result of a faulty pump or broken pump seal in your dishwasher.
  • When the water supply hose starts to leak water away from the washing machine or dishwasher, this can cause flooding to your home, especially if the situation is not quickly handled by a plumber.

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About 30% of your household water usage can be accounted for in your toilets. Consequently, this can increase even more if there is a leak in your toilet. A simple test to detect if you have a leak in your toilet is to add food colouring to your toilet tank and wait for about ten minutes.

If that colour becomes visible in the toilet bowl within the span of those ten minutes, then you most likely have a leak from the tank to your toilet drain.

Usually, this type of toilet leak is caused when the rubber seals in your toilet are becoming worn-out. You will need to replace them, and you can certainly trust us to help you with fixing that.

Call us today!

Ways in Which Your Toilet Can Cause a leak

  • When you have a sink blockage, water may overflow and flow onto the floor of your toilet.
  • If there is a crack in the tank, this can cause water to begin to drip onto the floor of your toilet.
  • Water can leak continuously and gradually onto the floor if you have a loose plumbing connection in the valve on the wall behind your toilet.

Don't wait for the situation to get messy. Give us a call today at Emergency Plumber Haringey on 020 37457589.

Water Heaters

Some conspicuous signs of a potential water leak can be signs of water puddles around your water heater(s). Also, you should check for signs of oxidation or corrosion in the connections of the water heater. These are signs that would necessitate for you to call a professional plumber to get it properly inspected.

Call Emergency Plumber Haringey when the need arises!

Ways in Which the Water Heater Can Cause a Leak

  • A break in the relief valve or drain valve can cause leakage.
  • A leak in the water supply pipe that leads to the water tank itself can lead to pooling of water around the floor of the tank.
  • Corrosion is also another factor that can cause the water tank to leak.

Emergency plumber Haringey is always at your beck and call. Contact us immediately to help you identify the source of your plumbing leak and also fix the problem in no time at all.

Give us a call right away on 020 37457589.

Taps, Sinks, Baths and Shower Heads

To uncover any leakage in these fixtures, you have to check under basins and around sinks for signs of mould or any earthy musty smells. Houses that are over two and a half decades may have plumbing issues as plumbing systems decline over time. If your home is more than 25 years, then you should be more alert in your check.

Furthermore, ensure that you should always completely close the taps of your showers or baths as a slow drip can gradually waste a large volume of water over time, so you should consider replacing any old taps or plumbing fixtures in your home.

Professional Plumbing Tips on Finding Plumbing Leaks

Our professional team of plumbers has come up with some helpful tips that may help you uncover a hidden plumbing leak.

Mould, Mildew and Funny Smells

It is true that old water that is kept and accumulated smells stale and earthy but if you have washed your bath and shower areas and they still smell musty, then you probably have a hidden leak somewhere.

It is quite normal to find mould and mildew in shower corners but check for mould and mildew on non-shower walls or in unexpected areas where it doesn't usually appear because this could be a sign that you have a hidden plumbing leak. Mould and mildew thrive in dark, moist places hence; a hidden leak in your walls is a good potential breeding area for them.

Warping Plaster, Drywall, Wood Panels or Baseboard

When these structural materials are wet or dampened over a long period, they can become soft and warped, just like wood. When you observe abnormalities in the flatness and texture of a wall and its structural materials, it could be a sign of hidden plumbing leaks.

Do not hesitate to call our plumbing experts!

Are your Light Switches Letting Out Sparks?

If you observe any sparks or hear crackles when you turn on or off your lights, you should cut off the electricity supply to that area and get professional assistance immediately because this can be extremely dangerous and could even be lethal via electrocution.

Give us a call today to help you detect the source of the musty earthy smells!

Stained, Sagging or Damaged Walls, Ceilings or Flooring.

Hidden leaks can also cause rippling, warping, sagging or staining on all home ceiling walls and floors from surrounding pipes near those areas. You will probably need to call a plumber if you cannot get into or behind those areas to get to the leak and see what is causing it. The early repair of a leak will, to a great extent, reduce the risk of extra expensive damage.

Do You Hear Dripping Sounds?

If you hear any faint dripping sounds when everything in your house is quiet, then you probably have a plumbing leak somewhere in your home. You can also listen for any faint sounds and if you hear anything that you think sounds like a drip, seek it out as soon as possible and do not allow a little leak grow into a major plumbing problem that would cost you excess money in the future.

Stained, Blistered, Chipping Crackling, Or Bubbling Up Wallpaper And Paint.

Do you know that the steam from your bath and shower area shouldn’t normally cause discolouration, crackling or bubbling up in the paint or wallpaper of your home? If you notice any of these, it may be caused as a result of water seeping in from behind its surface.

In such cases, it is advisable to call a professional plumber to help to decrease any extra damage and costs.

When Your Carpet Floors Are Wet.

Do you know that water can cause floorboards to rot? And once this starts to happen, they become weak and begin to bend under your weight. So if your bathroom or utility area floor becomes springy or any tiles have become loose or stained, then you may have a hidden water leak that is seeping into the floor from nearby piping.

Nearby leaking pipes can also dampen your carpets through water seeping into the floor and being absorbed by your carpets. Our customers have always recommended us over and over again. Contact us today for an effective plumbing inspection.

Is a Particular Room Cooler Than the Others?

Do you know that water removes heat from the atmosphere even faster than air? Hence, if you observe that a room is usually staying cooler than the rest of your home, it could be because of an area of dampness that is bringing down the warmth sensation.

Are you still finding it Difficult to Uncover the Leak?

Have you thoroughly checked all the common places for signs of plumbing leakage, then it is high time you called in the professionals - Emergency Plumber Haringey. We would be more than delighted to be at your service anytime and anyway. Give us a call today!

Do You Need Help With Plumbing Leaks?

If you need help with any plumbing leak or other plumbing services, feel free to call us today! We look forward to helping you fix all your plumbing issues from leaks, drips and floods and many more. Give us a call today on 020 37457589.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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