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Floods could be caused when a pipe bursts on your property, or when there is a blockage causing a drain to overflow and spill wastewater. This accumulated wastewater causes a bad odour to fill your property, and the affected area becomes unsanitary and dangerous for your health and your family.

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, we provide an efficient flood clearance service and cleanup of your property in the event of a flood. Our plumbers are drainage experts and are trained to solve problems of flooding in any property, whether it is a residential home or a building in commercial use. Contact us at Emergency Plumber Haringey, and we will rectify the faults in your drain and pipes, and ensure your home or office is clean and habitable.

Are We Available All Through The Week?

Yes! Here at Emergency Plumbing Haringey, we are available 24 hours daily all through the year. We understand that at any hour of the day, even very late in the night; a sewage or water pipe may rupture, or a blocked drain may suddenly overflow emergency and spill into the living area. This could cause a flooding emergency needing an immediate solution. Just give us a call on 02037457589 and our plumbing experts will be with you within the hour.

What Can Cause A Flood?

Floods can be caused by any of the following:

  • The presence of ruptured or burst water drains
  • Overflowing drains, caused by blockages in the drainage system.
  • Hillside runoff caused by heavy rainfall
  • Flooding from rivers and seas that have overflown its banks

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What Can You Do When You Experience A Flood?

Once you discover the presence of a flood on your property, you must get in touch with our professional clearance team at Emergency Plumber Haringey so that any damage can be contained and all repair work can be done quickly. Our expert plumbers are trained in providing effective solutions to any flooding situation and will ensure all affected areas are cleaned and free from any contamination. Repairs will also be carried out to ensure the flooding is resolved permanently.

There are a couple of steps you can undertake to begin the clearing process. Flood clearing bears certain risks, so we advise you to take every necessary care and precaution before starting the process of a flood clearing.

 If you experience any difficulty while going through this process, do contact us on 02037457589 as soon as possible, and our expert plumbers will be there to assist you in a short while.

      The steps to take to begin a flood clearing process are as follows:

  • First, ensure all supply of electricity to the property is turned off. Stay away from all electrical outlets.
  • Check your central gas heating, and ensure you keep it steady at around 20 - 22 degrees for proper drying.
  • Wear protective clothing and boots to protect yourself, as floodwater may contain sewage,  various chemicals or animal waste.  
  • Carefully shovel away any mud from the walls to prevent further damage to physical structures. While shovelling, ensure the mud is even and not adding pressure to only one side of the wall.
  • Remove all water affected items, and ensure they have dried again as soon as possible.

How Does Our Emergency Flood Clearance Work?

Our priority is to ensure that the flood is cleared effectively from your property, and your space is thoroughly clean, safe and free from any adverse contamination. To do this, we follow the steps below in situations of a flood emergency:

  • We ensure that excess water is drained from the property so that the damage caused by the flood is reduced.
  • We clean the flood site, and thoroughly disinfect it to kill any pathogen or bacteria brought about by the overflowing drain.
  • If need be, we can expel the bad smell brought on by the spilt wastewater, by making use of special odour-removal equipment. This will ensure the air is clean and safe for breathing again.
  • And finally, we will find the source of the flood, whether burst pipe or drainage blockage and repair it at once.

Our experts are capable of ensuring you are provided with excellent services regarding flood clearing from your property. You can call us now on 02037457589 or kindly book an appointment with us at Emergency Plumber Haringey, and you won't regret it.

What Problems Could Be Caused By Flooding?

  • A flooded sewage system could expose you to severe health risks, including contamination from disease pathogens.
  • The contaminated water that floods your property could have a nasty odour, and make your place inhabitable.
  • If excess water is not cleared swiftly from your property, it could cause severe damages to the foundation and walls of your building and affect your personal and business items also.

We advise that you ensure the flooding is cleared as soon as it appears. Early and proper action will limit any damage to your property or person. Call Emergency Plumber Haringey on 02037457589, and we assure you that we will offer our best in experience and skill to rectify any plumbing installation faults in your property and get it back in an excellent working condition.

Get in touch with us today, and it will be our pleasure to provide you with a free quotation.

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Contact Us About Emergency Flood Clearing

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, fast and very efficient flood clearing and cleanup solution are provided in no time. Our experienced engineers will make sure health risks and damage caused by the flood is contained and eliminated.

 We also comply with all current health and safety legislation and guidelines concerning the legal and proper disposal of all hazardous materials found in the affected flood area.

 Get in touch with us by calling 02037457589 and our experts will always be available to provide recommendations to help you properly clean up and disinfect your property. We are here for you!


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