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Radiator Maintenance Services

Radiators are essential to the proper functioning of all central heating systems. A well-functioning radiator ensures that your system is balanced, and heat is distributed evenly through the living area from the heated water that passes into the system from the boiler.  Regular radiator checks and maintenance will ensure your heating runs at the most efficient level, and your thermostat setting is always met.

If you need efficient radiator repair and maintenance solutions in and around Haringey, get in touch with us by calling 02037457589 today.

Why scheduling of regular radiator maintenance is necessary?

If you neglect the maintenance of your radiator, it could easily develop faults, and this will cause the heat to distribute unevenly; increasing the burden on other parts of the system, and causing even further breakdown in severe situations. We recommend you take the time to clean and bleed out your radiators so that they function properly without any problems.

Regular maintenance of your radiator is a prerequisite to ensure your radiator is functioning its best at all times. Look no further for a professional to help out with this as our plumbing experts would be more than willing to offer our professional services to you.

All you need to do is call 02037457589 and we will be at your doorstep in no time.

What is included in Radiator Maintenance?

The following usually will be undertaken by a professional plumber during radiator maintenance:

  • Radiator bleeding,
  • Radiator leaking,
  • Radiator noise repair
  • Inspection and repair of your radiator valves.

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What is radiator bleeding?

Sometimes air can be trapped inside the heating system and keeps the radiator from being heated properly by the hot air in the system. An easy way to notice this is if you find that the radiator is cold at the top, while at the same time being properly warm at the bottom. A radiator bleeding releases the trapped air from the system and ensures your radiators are clear.

So get your radiators regularly inspected by an experienced well trained engineer — this will save your heating system from backing-up, and help you avoid potential repair costs.

How can you bleed your radiators?

A proper radiator bleeding can be done by following a few basic tips:

  • Ensure your radiators are turned off and allowed to cool; this will prevent damages to the radiators and reduce the risk of accidents during bleeding.
  • Turn the radiator key clockwise into the valve on your radiator. A hissing sound coming from the radiator will indicate the trapped air escaping from the valves.
  • Watch for a liquid leak from the valve, indicating that every trapped air has left the radiator.   
  • Properly shut the valve by turning the radiator key.

Why should you employ a professional service in maintaining and cleaning your radiator?

A professional engineer with a wealth of experience in bleeding and maintenance of radiators will provide you with a much better, thorough and inexpensive maintenance than you can get by trying to do it yourself.

An experienced plumber or engineer also can diagnose accurately what is wrong with a faulty system and has the skill to deal with any emergency or additional damage that might arise during the maintenance process. Even you can try our thermostat and central heating control services for its proper maintenance throughout the year.

To get the best maintenance solutions, we recommend you schedule an appointment with a local plumber or engineer. You can give us a call on 02037457589. Our services are reliable and affordable, and we respond in the shortest possible time to all emergencies.

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