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Thermostat & Central Heating Control

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, we are your one-stop solution for all central heating problems. If you need a thermostat installed, or require repair for a faulty radiator or boiler, call us on 02037457589.  

We offer round the clock emergency installation of all types of thermostats. Our gas engineers are well trained professionals and approved installers capable of providing you quality and affordable installations, and any additional maintenance or central heating repairs you require.

Get in touch with Plumber Haringey today to get access to our discount options and specialist services.

Why you should choose us

  • Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7 hours,
  • We ensure delivery of the best quality solutions for your thermostats and central heating systems.
  • Our service rates are competitive and very affordable
  • Our engineers are approved smart thermostat installers and will offer you the best features and central heating appliances.

Smart thermostats provide you much more improved features so that you not only get the best accurate temperature readings at any time of the day, but you are also able to adapt your heating system to the temperature of your surrounding environment.

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rating star iconI called emergency plumber for fixing the issue with water heater. He checked the condition of the heater and provided quality service at an affordable rate. We are really happy to hire professional plumbers for our work.

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rating star iconI just had a new boiler installed from these experienced plumbers. I am really impressed with their service. See them next year for annual servicing. Highly recommended!

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What are the Nest Thermostats?

Nest thermostats are one of such smart thermostats. A Nest thermostat offers various convenient central heating features such as:

  • Presence of an auto-scheduler to adapt the thermostat setting to your preferences; increasing or reducing the temperature whenever you wish to whatever ranges you please.   
  • An automatic temperature adjustment; this ensures the temperature is always stable at all-time in the day or night.
  • A temperature indicator to inform you when an energy-efficient temperature has been set.
  • A temperature timer that reads how long it will take before a preferred target temperature is reached.
  • Removal of any excess humidity without the additional use of a separate dehumidifier.

What services will our engineers provide for you during maintenance?

Regular maintenance of your central heating system is essential to ensure your heating is efficient and does not encounter any emergency fault. During maintenance, our engineers will ensure all elements in the systems, the boilers and radiators, heating pump and all fixtures attached to the central heating system, are carefully checked and cleaned. All faults to the system will be diagnosed, and appropriate repairs will be swiftly undertaken,

Contact Plumber Haringey for Central Heating Maintenance

So if you find your thermostat is acting up, or heat isn’t being distributed efficiently from your heating system, get in touch with Plumber Haringey on 020 37457589. Our mission is set on delivering the best quality of central heating services to all our clients, and at easily affordable rates. Our engineers are accredited and approved experts, with extensive experience in installations and repairs of all central heating systems and thermostats.

Pocket-Friendly Services

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, our services are tailored to provide excellent heating solutions, to save you costs in future repairs and excess energy bills due to an inefficient heating system. So give us a call on 020 7060 4770 for all central heating emergency services in and around Haringey today. Our experienced service providers are only a call away if you have any questions, or seek recommendations regarding heating guidelines and standards.  

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rating star iconThe plumbers offered great service at reasonable prices. Reached my place quickly. I will definitely use their services in future.

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rating star icon LondonHired them to install my new boiler. They did the work quickly and I am really happy with their work. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for boiler installation.<

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