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A burst pipe is a major plumbing problem. Most home and business owners become overwhelmed by the damage and are unable to control it. In cases of minor damage, the fault could be only a leaking sink. Several cases of burst pipes might result in repairing a water line or an expensive slab leak. Our professionals at Emergency plumber Haringey are available daily to attend to you and help you solve your water pipeline issues.

 Contact us immediately, and we would be right at your doorstep. Don’t hesitate to call now on 02037457589.

Some steps can be taken to prevent a burst pipe or,  if it occurs, to manage the damage and keep it to a minimum.

But first, we should understand what could cause a pipe to burst.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

  • Ageing

As plumbing pipes age, they grow weaker and thinner, causing them to burst when water is passed at high pressure through them.

  • Irregular maintenance

Plumbing pipe needs to be maintained, so they do not weaken and rupture. Proper maintenance should be done to ensure that already faulty pipes are either changed or repaired to prevent bursting.

  • Presence of tree roots around the water source

Tree roots push against underground pipes as they grow, and they cause the pipes to rupture. If you experience such a problem, it is recommended that you contact a plumber Haringey to proffer solutions to this plumbing issue.

  • Presence of solid objects in the pipes

These objects could be clothes and toys and various miscellaneous items. When thrown in the sink, or flushed down the toilet, they tend to block the pipe and cause it to crack, leading to a rupture in the pipe.

Emergency Plumber Haringey has the expertise and equipment to solve your problem. We have a team of experts specialized in repairing damaged water lines and a whole lot of plumbing issues. So if you have any issue concerning your water pipeline do give us a call, and our well trained and registered expert plumbers will be ready to assist you. We urge you to place a call now on 02037457589.

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What Are The Damages A Burst Pipe Can Cause To Your Property?

A burst pipe, if not resolved swiftly, can grow to be a severe plumbing installation fault needing costly repairs. A burst pipe on your property could cause your home to become flooded; water could pool under your floors and in the foundation of your walls, making the structure unstable. Water from burst surface pipes could form stagnant puddles in your home, leading to a breeding ground for various disease-carrying insects and bacteria. These damages can be explained extensively by our drainage and plumbing experts. You can speak to an expert today by calling 02037457589. We are waiting!

What Do You Do When You Have A Burst Pipe On Your Property?

Do not try to repair a burst pipe on your own without seeking any professional assistance. If you do so, you could cause additional damage to that plumbing system. Timing is of extreme importance, so call an experienced plumber immediately. An expert engineer will contain the flooding, and prevent much damage to your property.

Do not hesitate to take action when you notice any signs of a burst pipe, contact Emergency Plumber Haringey quickly on 02037457589, and we will dispatch an experienced plumber immediately to ensure a swift repair.  

How Can You Prevent A Burst Water Pipe?

There are a couple of precautions to be taken to prevent your pipes from weakening and rupturing; they include:

  • Ensure old pipes are regularly repaired and replaced, and new ones maintained.
  • Make sure no trees are built directly above or close to pipes, so that tree roots do not invade the pipes.
  • Do not toss solid objects into the sink, or flush them down the toilet, to prevent the pipes from blocking.
  • Avoid pouring oily foods down sinks.

How Can You Locate A Burst Water Pipe?

  • Before you go searching for a burst pipe on your property, ensure all water appliances are turned off.
  • Next, take down the reading on your water metre. This will help you discover if there is a leaky pipe, as the metre will continue counting, even if all appliances have been turned off.
  • Take a careful inspection of your property; listen for the sound of dripping water indoors and outside, and look out for puddles.
  • Consult your water metre again, if you do not find any sign of a burst pipe. If the metre still ticks away, it means there is a pipe leak on the property. Call 02037457589 now to consult our experienced engineers, and we can help you find and repair the leak.

Book an appointment for your pipe repair in Haringey

If you need repairs for a water pipe or damaged water line, our team of experienced plumbers are always available and willing to assist you. Our repairs are done to the best service standard and carried out in the shortest time possible. Contact 02037457589 to schedule a pipe repair with Emergency Plumber Haringey today.

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