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Bathroom Refurbishment in Haringey

Do you need your bathroom refurbished? Are your plumbing appliances old and needing new installations and repairs? Get in touch with Emergency Plumber Haringey.

Our plumbing installation team is composed of trained engineers and plumbers who are among the best in experience and skill.  

Quality Bathroom installations and repair

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, we are notable for being among the best in bathroom installations within and around Haringey. If you need a simple repair done to a faulty fixture, or need an entire installation of a new suite, we can easily get that done for you.

All you need to do is give us a call and we will send one of our experts to get this done for you.

Expert Team of Bathroom Fitters and Installers

Our bathroom installers are experienced and skilled. We recognise the world is changing and technology improves every minute, as a result, our installers are regularly trained on the latest industry technology and health standards.

Our installers are friendly and will listen to your suggestions and questions. A project manager will also be made available for your project to ensure that the work is done with the best scrutiny and finishing. You don’t wanna miss out of this. Contact us now!

Supply of best grade bathroom fixtures

We offer the supply of top-grade bathroom suite and fixtures for your bathroom and at premium discounts.

If you need help, our expert plumbers are also available to help you pick out a new suite that will be best suitable for your bathroom. Once a choice is made, the new bathroom suite will be made available and delivered at a time convenient for you.

Give us a call us on  02037457589 today, and we can send you a catalogue of some of the finest bathroom suites and appliances.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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What if you have already made a purchase order for a bathroom suite or furniture?

If you have already purchased a bathroom suite, then you need not worry. Simply get in touch with us, and we can pick it up from the local store for you, and have it installed in your bathroom.

Call 02037457589 today to get a quote from us. We will provide a quote based only on the cost of labour if you have already purchased a suite.

How do we get your new bathroom suite installed?

Quality of work and safety during the installation process are of an utmost priority to us at  Plumbers in Haringey. Our engineers are experienced professionals. They take very special care in going through details in the installation process. Every step in the installation and repair is given care and attention so that the work proceeds without any fault and your satisfaction can be guaranteed. 

Our installation process:

A detailed customer survey

Our fitters get on-site and conduct a thorough inspection of the dimensions and furniture of your current bathroom. This survey gives us an idea of what upgrades or repairs you need, and what new installations will be the best fit in your bathroom; this way we can provide you with an accurate estimate at a no-obligation quote. 

Removal of your current bathroom suite

The old bathroom suite will be carefully removed so that no part of the bathroom is irreparably damaged. Water supply to the bathroom will be turned off, and other non-essential furniture like the bathroom curtains and cabinet will also be taken off, to make room for the installation of the new suite.

All electrical connections to the bathroom will be turned off. This is crucial to prevent electrical shocks during installation. The current waste pipe connected to the bathroom plumbing will need to be changed with new pipes, bringing fresh and clean water for your new bathroom suite.

Carpet protectors will be placed by our fitters during the installation. This will ensure accidents and additional damages are prevented at the installation site.  A skip will be brought on to ensure the plumbing installation area is kept tidy and clean.  

Installation of your new bathroom suite

  • The new bathroom fixtures will be checked to ensure they have been fitted in their proper places.
  • The new pipes will be set into position to fit into the new fixtures before installation is completed.
  • Water will be restored to the bathroom, and check for leaks will be carried out on the newly installed pipework
  • Once the pipework is tested, the earlier removed floors and walls will be restored properly. Curtains and cabinets, and all furniture earlier displaced will be restored to their proper positions.  
  • All taps and fixtures will be checked to ensure that they are accurate and functioning properly.

Now you can enjoy your new bathroom, and be assured that it has been installed to the best standard in furniture and performance.

Give us a call on 02037457589 today!

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What will a bathroom installation cost you?

The cost for the installation of a new bathroom suite varies and is dependent on many factors, such as the complexity of the installation or the shape and size of the bathroom. A larger size will mean more material will be needed to complete the installation, and this also will require more labour hours on the installation.   

Opting for a less quality installation might save you money on cutting corners, and paying lesser for a lower grade bathroom suite, but you will find you pay even more in time and money in making repairs and adjustments. A stellar professional finish, while more expensive at the onset, will save you the future costs in hassles and expensive repairs. Give us a call for a lasting installation!

How long will an installation take?

Installation length for your new bathroom suite changes, and are dependent on what upgrades are being fitted for you. Complex installations will take longer than more basic ones.

At Emergency Plumber Haringey, our expert bathroom installers make it a duty to provide the best and highest-quality installation in the shortest possible time, so that your new bathroom is readily available to you.  So contact us today for all quality bathroom installations or repairs. If you need advice and recommendations on how to purchase the best grade bathroom suites or maintain your existing bathroom fixtures, you can call 02037457589 today, and an expert will be available to answer all of your questions.   

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