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Water Heater Repair And Installation

The water heater, which is an essential appliance in the home allows the production and distribution of hot water. In very cold weather, having hot water is vital, not only for the bathroom but also for the kitchen. Even If the device seems easy to install, the installation should not be entrusted to an amateur. Several connections must be put in place according to the standards.

So, for any installation, call Emergency Plumber Haringey. We have experienced technicians who have the necessary skills to carry out your installation. We are also available for periodic maintenance, as well as for repair in case of breakage or failure. We're one of the best plumbing services in Haringey and provide an unrivalled quality of service. Call us now!

Repair and replacement of water heater parts

After a few years of use, the water heater may fail. This may be due to a faulty part. To solve the breakdowns of this device, you can call our plumbers. We can take care of replacing or repairing common breakdowns such as:

  • Hot water failures
  • Repair or replacement of faulty resistance
  • Repair or replacement of the incorrectly adjusted or faulty thermostat
  • Power supply circuit failure

When an element in the water heater breaks or develop faults, we recommend replacing it with a new one. The adaptation of a faulty element is a temporary solution that will not prevent failures to arise again. Fortunately, you never have to spend above your means when you hire us to carry out water heater repair.

How To Prevent Faulty Heater

When the water in the tank heats up, the dissolved salts will solidify in the form of tartar, which is mainly composed of limestone. These deposits will be attached to the heating elements.

It is, therefore, necessary to clean these elements regularly because deposit will prevent the elements from heating the water. When the thermostat regularly comes in touch with this debris, they overheat which shortens their lifespan on the long run.

The water is cold

If the water flowing from the hot water faucet is cold, that means the resistance of your appliance has not been heated up. On the other hand, water heaters producing too much hot water could also be a sign of damages. In the long run, excessive heat can burst pipes, which will cause leaks. To get rid of this problem, we advise you to put a call across to us on 020 37457589 and we will send one of our technicians to come and take a look.

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How Much Does Water Heater Repair Cost

To minimise damages and need for constant replacement, ensure you acquire the correct model, size and power of heater element that suits your home. Our professional plumber will promptly make the correct diagnosis. He will tell you if the element of your water heater suits your need or if they need to be replaced.

Our partnership with top manufacturing brands makes it possible for us to purchase elements for our clients at a company price. Do not hesitate to contact us at the slightest sign of faults or damages to your water heating system.

Free Quotes

We offer free quotes to all customers, but these estimates are just meant to give customers a hint of what to expect. The actual price may be higher or lower, depending on the type of water heater to be installed.

However, you have nothing to fear since our pieces are always friendly. No hidden charges and full payments are made on completion of the task.

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No paperwork is needed. Booking an appointment is easy and straight to the point. Put a call across to us on 020 37457589, and we will send our engineer down to your home to inspect the repair or ensure the installation is carried out.

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