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Why is My Toilet Leaking At the Base?

Is water pouring on the floor of the bathroom in the toilet area? Do not ignore this issue! If the base of the toilet is leaking,  this water is coming from the toilet bowl, and it isn't sanitary. This dirty water can even come with a sewer smell.

If you don't find a solution to it,  your toilet will continue leaking little by little with every flush, and this will result in water damage to the floor, sub-floor, and most likely the ceiling of any floor below.

Here are some possible causes for leakage at the base of your toilet and how to repair it.

Test the Leaky Toilet

This kind of leak normally happens the moment you flush the toilet. To be sure the "leak" is not just condensation on the bowl of the toilet, clean the water with a rag and flush again. There might also be a pool of water on your bathroom's floor as a result of a faulty shut-off valve or loose water supply line. Check the hoses at the back of the toilet to cancel this possibility.

Tighten the Toilet Tee Bolts

If there is a continuous leakage at the base of the toilet when flushed, it is possible it is not tightly bolted to the floor. Check the toilet's base, and you will see two tee bolts, they might be protected with caps.  When the wax ring under the tee bolts does not make a formation of a water-tight seal, the toilet's base will leak the moment you flush it.

In order to fix this issue, tighten the tee bolts which holds the toilet to the ground.  You will most likely need a flathead screwdriver or a putty knife to remove the caps. Tighten these bolts little by little, switching from the right bolt to the left one. Make sure you don't over-tighten because this could cause a crack to the toilet base. If these bolts mistakenly spin when you try to tighten them, you will most likely need new bolts.

Replace the Wax Ring

After you've repaired, test it by flushing the toilet. If there is a pool of water formed around the base, it denotes that the leak is caused by a failing wax ring. Luckily, wax rings are straightforward and inexpensive to replace, although you will need to remove the toilet to do this. This might take some hours to finish and will probably require two individuals. If you do not feel up to it,  reach out to a plumber for help.

If not, follow these DIY instructions:

  • Buy a replacement wax ring in a store which is basically for home improvement.
  • Switch off the water supply at the back of the toilet then flush the toilet to empty water from the tank. Get rid of every water left in the bowl and tank by making use of an old towel.
  • Unscrew the tee bolts so you can remove the toilet from the ground, then lay the toilet on its side.
  • Clean every deteriorated wax ring away from the base and flange of the toilet, and install the ones you just bought. If there is corrosion on the tee bolts, replace them also.
  • Move the toilet back to its real position. Tighten the tee bolts gently on both sides until they are secure.
  • Turn on the water supply back then flush the toilet to check for leaks.
  • Wait for some days in order to make sure the issue is completely solved. Then fix caulk around the toilet's base to prevent spills and mop water from going under the toilet, because this can cause unpleasant odours or mould.

Reach out to Emergency Plumber Fulham on 020 34751589 for assistance repairing a toilet leaking from its base.

Most likely, you had success in repairing the leaky base of your toilet. But if that is not the case, Emergency Plumber Fulham is here to assist you! We will carefully check for the issue and then restore the toilet to a leak-free state. To schedule an appointment with any of our experts in Emergency Plumber Fulham,  please reach out to us today!

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