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Day-to-day fixtures like taps and sinks are essential for the smooth running of the house. When they wear down or develop any faults, it is hard to go a whole day without feeling uncomfortable.

If you put your tap into use every day, they will eventually wear down, therefore, creating the need for either a repair or replacement — place a call to Plumber Fulham to have a professional plumber handle your tap installation and repairs in Fulham. Give us a call on 020 34751589 today!

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Tap Repair And Installation Services

Taps are one of the most widely used fixtures in our home. Most times, it is taken for granted but can incur a lot of expenses when it eventually develops a fault — having a leaky pipe at home is manageable but what is even worse is the accumulation of water bill. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional plumber once a fault occurs. At Plumber Fulham, we have a team of trained and experienced plumbers, equipped and ready to respond to your emergency plumbing call 24/7.

Dangers Of Having Leaky Pipes At Home

At first, the leaky pipe may not seem like a big issue —the leaks can be managed as water dripping can be curtailed. However, the real damage is done below the surface — dripping water can damage objects around it. It may cause wood to soften or lead to mould growth which can generally ruin the aesthetic of your house as your home may end up with excess mould and mildew, which possesses a threat to your health.

If you notice any leakage do ensure to place a call to us on 02034751589, and we will send a professional plumber to your doorstep within the hour.

Common Reasons for Tap Replacement

Do not wait until your tap starts dripping before you realise the need for a professional plumber. Naturally, you should replace your faucet as it gets older, or the seals start falling off. Even if your tap is not showing any sign of leaks, you may want to give your home a new look and having old taps around might ruin the whole design.

Should I Carry Out Tap Repair On Your Own

Tap Repair and Installation is not too complicated to carry out on your own. You do not need to be a pro to do this, but less confidence does not guarantee a good result. Contacting a professional is necessary because we offer to you, advice on the best way to ensure you get a long-lasting result.

Most times, amateurs end up using the wrong proceeding, not sealing the taps properly or placing the fixtures in reverse order. If you feel you will be able to carry out the installation on your own, you are free to give it a try. But if you feel less confident about it, you can call our professionals if anything goes wrong. Give us a call on 02034751589 today.

Leaking Taps

A professional Plumber better rectifies leaky taps rather than opting for a DIY approach — leaky faucets are a nuisance, and it can inflate our water bill. A drip every 2.5 seconds wastes nothing less than 10 litres of water daily and one bathtub weekly.

As much as possible, try to opt for taps with water efficiency labelling and standard (WELS) rating to minimise waste and reduce expenses. At Plumber Fulham, our professionals will help you take care of your plumbing issue caused by leaky pipes and offer advice on the best possible water-saving option'.

We Supply WELS Rating Pipes

When buying water taps, steer clear of cheap sales without watermark certification. Water taps devoid of this certification from watermark are illegal, which will likely result in damage. Also, noncompliant installation can result in insurance dispute where a tap installed illegally suddenly burst open and causes a lot of damages to your property which the insurance company are not ready to pay for due to illegal installation.

To ensure you are on the right side of the law, we can help you source for tapware that are not just of high quality but also compliant with WaterMark standard.

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Tap repair and installation procedure can be tedious, which is why you are advised to contact an expert as soon as any sign of leaks surface. Plumber Fulham is your go-to plumbing company that guarantees top-notch services at an affordable price. Place a call to us on 020 34751589, today.

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