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Power flushing is necessary for all heating systems. Over time, your central heating system accumulates sludge in the pipes. This makes the heating system to function below its maximum capacity and develop other issues like:

  • Frequent cut-out of central heating pumps
  • Cold areas on the radiator
  • Blocked valves
  • A build-up of dirt and discharge of black water
  • Noisy sound
  • Accumulation of rust in the radiator
  • Poor water circulation
  • Frequent radiator venting

With all these issues resulting from sludge accumulation in your pipe, your energy bills become high, but you can avoid all these by carrying out frequent power flushing on your central heating system. Power flushing is an effective and quick way to clear your central heating system without dismantling or disrupting the system.

If you need a power flushing on your heating system, contact plumber Fulham today on 020 34751589 to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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Why Contact Us For Your Power Flushing?

Our engineers at Plumber Fulham are all trained to offer excellent power flushing services with the latest machinery in line with the manufacturer’s guide. We use advanced cleaning solutions and CF90 Quantum 2 power flushers to get the job done. With the pump and chemicals, we can clear-up any form of accumulation in your central heating system.

Private And Commercial Power Flushing

Our power flushing services are available for private and commercial properties. Whether at your home or workplace, you can rely on our well trained experts to carry out an excellent power flushing on your central heating system.

You are just a phone call away from getting that stubborn deposit in your central heating cleared-up. Get in touch with us at Emergency Plumber Fulham on 020 34751589 to get your power flushing done effectively.

How Does Power Flushing Work?

We connect our purpose-built power flushers to the heating system, which uses high water velocity to instantly reverse flow, mobilise and remove deposits of sludge and corrosion.

When the sludge and corrosion debris has been loosened, the flushers remove them from the system.

We also carry out the power flushing on the radiators without disconnecting or removing it from the system. After this, the system is filled with water and reset to the normal operation in a few minutes.

Things To Note

However, for a power flushing to be effective, it depends on the level of corrosion and sludge build-up in the system. A power flushing will take care of the circulation problem caused by the accumulation of debris, but it cannot stop the corrosion and decay in the system. We advise that any system with frequent corrosion problems be sorted out before a power flushing.

It is also possible to have an occasional leak after a power flushing due to corrosion since it is not possible to inspect the system before the process commences.

A system that has not been treated with an effective corrosion inhibitor or neglected for a long time may have severely accumulated compact corrosion debris in the pipes, radiators, and boilers. It is possible that after a power flush on these systems, the radiators may not be fully effective or the boilers may stop working due to debris collecting in the heat exchangers.

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If you need a power flush on your heating system or any other plumbing installation, repair or maintenance, contact us on 020 34751589. Plumber Fulham is always available, and you are guaranteed excellent service.

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