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Emergency Plumber Fulham is a well-known plumbing company in Fulham. We install household plumbing like bathrooms, kitchens, and toilet. If you need bathroom installation services in Fulham, call our attention.


We have years of experience in bathroom installation and have provided Fulham homes with good bathroom suites. Installation of already purchased bathrooms is part of what we do too. Based on the fact that we are well known across Fulham, we can pick up and deliver from the store to your home at any time. Call Emergency Plumber Fulham today.

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rating star iconI called emergency plumber for fixing the issue with water heater. He checked the condition of the heater and provided quality service at an affordable rate. We are really happy to hire professional plumbers for our work.

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rating star iconI just had a new boiler installed from these experienced plumbers. I am really impressed with their service. See them next year for annual servicing. Highly recommended!

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What about our existing customers?

Our customers have been happy with the bathrooms and wetrooms we have installed for them. Should you love to speak with any of them, we will not hesitate to connect you to our clients.

We're professional bathroom fitters

At Emergency Plumber Fulham, we have the finesse in installing bathrooms plus a good project supervisor that takes the pain to see that your bathroom renovation is hassle-free and perfect. Our team of local bathroom fitters are smart, energetic, and highly trained to give the best of customer service. So you see, we would be very considerate in making sure that all aspects of your project is well done. Give us a call on 020 34751589, so we can get started.

What about health and safety?

All that is taken care of at Emergency Plumber Fulham! Our bathroom installation services are backed with health and safety guidelines to ensure you and your household stays safe all the time. We are certified and qualified in plumbing so you won't be disappointed when you hire us. Call us today!

Quotes And Estimates

At Emergency Plumber Fulham, we are glad to talk more with you about your bathroom refurbishment and provide you with a cost-free and non-obligatory job quote or estimate. We do give our clients a job completion schedule as well.

It might interest you to know that we have close ties with many top plumbing brands and can give you a good discount on any product.

Choice of bathroom suite

We can assist you in choosing the ideal bathroom suite for your home or office. From our extensive collection of supplier brochures and catalogues, we're sure you will find the perfect bathroom for your purpose. But if you do have a bathroom suite already, we can give you an estimate of labour cost. Call us if you need a bathroom suite. We'll be there to ensure the job is properly done.

How we install bathrooms

For you living in Fulham, Emergency Plumber Fulham is here to provide you with a fresh, clean bathroom that is enticing. Our good bathroom fitters in Fulham will painstakingly ensure that you get value for your money plus the comfort that comes with a refurbished bathroom.

Take a look at the practical steps we take to deliver an efficient bathroom installation process:


We usually do a going-over or customer survey as the first step in our bathroom installation process to know what you need. Our team of bathroom fitters will scan your existing bathroom to know its space and dimension. We do this so that we can provide you with a bathroom with the proper fit plus a free, accurate, and non-obligatory estimate for the job. But if you do have a bathroom selected from any of our collection, we would notify you when it comes so we can work out the best time to deliver it to your home.

Displace Your Present Bathroom

Before we install your new bathroom suite, we will clear away your current bathroom to create space with minimal disturbance to your environment. Next, we will turn off your water supply from the mains and unload bathroom furniture like cabinets, blinds, and other things.

Existing bathroom waste pipes will be dug out and replaced with new, clean pipes that will accommodate your new bathroom fixtures. Electrical connections in the bathroom will be disconnected and sealed off to make sure there is no danger of electrocution.

Since the installation process can be messy, we will cover your floors with protective materials to prevent damage and also maintain a neat workspace.

Setting Up Your New Bathroom

After your old bathroom suite has been carted away, space will be prepared by our fitters for the new bathroom fixtures and fittings. This includes waste pipes for the shower, basin, bath, and the toilet. We will run the new pipes into the position where the bathroom fixtures will be so that proper installation can be done.

We will test all that we've installed to make sure there are no pipe leaks and also clean up your walls and floors. The taps will also be double-checked to ensure they are running well. Then we will reload your new bathroom with the blinds, cabinets, and other furniture that were initially taken out.

When all these are done, you can go ahead and bask in the joy of having a clean, fresh, and sparkling new bathroom.

What's the cost of installing a new bathroom?

The average starting price for bathroom installation is around £4,500. However, the cost differs greatly based on the kind of installation to be fitted. As a general rule, each job situation determines the price. This includes the shape and size of the bathroom and the type of materials needed for the upgrade. The man-hour (labour) time needed for the job also adds up to the job estimate.

We advise that you go for a very good bathroom fitter that will do a professional job which wouldn't give rise to more expensive repairs later. Come to Emergency Plumber Fulham today! Our team of engineers and technicians are simply amazing. We are always ready and prepared with the latest plumbing technology in hand.

If you need a bathroom refurbishment, think of Emergency Plumber Fulham. We are here for you always.

What's the time frame for bathroom installation?

The bathrooms we install are well designed to promote your lifestyle and give you comfort. Our bathroom installation services are as quick as possible. The duration of this job largely depends on the kind of upgrades to be installed and the nature of the job (simple or complex).

Bathroom installation can take as small as 1 to 2 hours to as large as 6 to 10 hours. We at Emergency Plumber Fulham will do our best to complete the job on time so you can put your bathroom to use.

Need expert plumbers?

Should you be considering taking out your old bathroom for a new one, consider hiring our professional local bathroom fitters at Emergency Plumber Fulham. Our customer service is pleasant, and the reports have been good. Why not come over and let's discuss how we can transform your bathroom into a place you'll always want to spend time in. It doesn't matter what kind of bathroom you want. We provide installation services for the traditional and state-of-the-art bathroom across Fulham.

So, for excellent bathroom fitters Fulham, try hiring our team of local bathroom fitters at Emergency Plumber Fulham. Our services are bespoke to give you the best feel of what a bathroom should be like. Call us soon!

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rating star iconThe plumbers offered great service at reasonable prices. Reached my place quickly. I will definitely use their services in future.

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rating star icon LondonHired them to install my new boiler. They did the work quickly and I am really happy with their work. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for boiler installation.<

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