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As a homeowner, it is expedient that you avoid pipe leaks as much as possible. It is true that in household plumbing, pipeworks can be visible or hidden. Pipe leaks do occur now and then, but the worse form of leakage are hidden leaks.


Hidden leaks are now like the usually visible pipe leaks. Sometimes your pipe may have been leaking for months without you knowing. This kind of leakage is not good at all because you may not be able to trace it. You need capable hands to locate the source of the leakage and fix the problem. Emergency Plumber Fulham is here to provide help with hidden plumbing leaks Fulham.

But what are hidden plumbing leaks?

A plumbing leak is said to be hidden when there are no visible leaks from your water-using appliances. Sometimes your current water bill may be higher than the last one, and you begin to wonder. Take a very careful look; you may be having a hidden plumbing leak. But you can contact us at the Emergency Plumber Fulham; we are good at fixing invisible leaks in your home.

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Are hidden leaks really bad?

Yes, they are. When you neglect hidden plumbing leaks in your home, you may be faced with a sudden increase in the water utility bill, which will cost you a large sum of money. Other dangers of hidden leaks are:

  • Hidden plumbing leaks can encourage the breeding of mildew and moulds which may affect your health
  • A neglected leak can silently damage your properties
  • Structural damage to your home

It is good to seek the service of a good plumber should you notice any leak in your plumbing. We at Emergency Plumber Fulham are available; you can call us. Our highly trained local plumbers can replace your pipe leaks in time and protect your home and property from harm. Get to us by calling 020 34751589.

Recognising the signs of hidden plumbing leaks is good. It can help you prevent costly damages and give you peace of mind. Report any case of leakage to us; we won't hesitate to help you fix it.

Do you have a hidden leak?

You may not know if your plumbing is leaking especially when it's not in sight. But if you do notice it, you should call a professional to help you out. At Emergency Plumber Fulham, we can show you how to detect leaking plumbing and things you can do to keep the risk down. For more information about hidden leaks and help with it, call us on 020 34751589.

Tell-tale signs of hidden plumbing leaks?

You can find plumbing leaks in some common places around your home with this guide we are going to give you. But you should know that the main cause of plumbing leaks are the silent leaks in water-using appliances and plumbing in your home. If you cannot detect plumbing leaks, do well to contact us for immediate help. You can do the following:

Check your water meter

Using your water meter, you will be able to monitor any abnormal increase in your water bill. This method is very effective in discovering hidden plumbing leaks. It is good to do a water meter test when you're alone at home with nobody.

Let's show you how:

  • Turn off all the sources of water in your home for a minimum of 3 hours. This includes your water-using appliances like toilets, shower, dishwashers, washing machine, and sprinkler system
  • Write down the water meter reading on a paper or take a photograph of it
  • Wait for at least 3 more hours
  • Look at your water meter the second time. Should there be reading all the while, you've got yourself a hidden plumbing leak

Compare your water bills regularly

The essence of this comparison is to identify any unusual rise in your water bill. Always compare your current water bill with the previous one. Should you notice any change that's inexplainable, your water is wasting away somewhere in your plumbing.

Checking for hidden plumbing leaks

First, start with the water-using appliances and pipes that are visible to know where you're having a leak. Look closely at the washing machine, sinks, dishwasher, irrigation system, toilets, showers, and pipes for signs of water dripping from or around them. If you observe any, call us at Emergency Plumber Fulham. We will fix it for you at once.

Should you notice sagging floors, mouldy ceilings, and earthy smells, you may have an invisible leak somewhere.

It might interest you to know that there are very serious and out of sight leaks in your plumbing. These could be from the pipes behind your walls and under the ground. You may not be able to access these areas so, call in the experts to do the necessary repairs. Call us immediately to avoid any damage to your home. The number to call is 020 34751589.

Where do you check for hidden leaks?

The toilets

Your toilet takes around 30% of your total water consumption! Toilet leaks can increase rapidly. This can be checked with a simple test. Add food colouring to the water in your toilet tank and leave it for 10 minutes. Should the colour in your water tank be seen in the toilet bowl within the allotted time, it's a sign of leakage.

Worn out rubber seals can cause toilet leaks. But we can replace them for you during repairs. Call us today.

Your sinks, taps, showerheads, and baths

Bear in mind before looking at these fixtures that plumbing becomes weak over time from usage. If your home is above 25 years, do well to look out for moulds and musty smells under basins and around sinks.

Should there be water dripping from your bath taps and shower head after turning them off, you have a leakage. This dripping can be slow, but since it's a steady one, a lot of water can be wasted. Are your taps and showerheads old and worn-out? Give us a call. We can fix it!

Washing machine and dishwasher

If you notice discolouration or oxidation in your pumps, hoses, and valves, you have a leak. A leaky hose in your dishwasher or washing machine can be worse if it breaks. You should change your hose when you notice any leaks; don't let it get serious! We at Emergency Plumber Fulham can help you out. Just give us a call now.

Water heater

Are there water puddles around your water heater? Look out for signs of oxidation or corrosion in your heater connection. Call a professional plumber if there are signs of these problems for immediate repairs. We at Emergency Plumber Fulham can inspect and repair water heaters very well. Do call us if you have problems with any water heater.

Sparks from sources of electricity

Do you see sparks when you switch your lights on and off? This is not a good sign at all. Do well to disconnect your electricity from the mains and get professional help quickly.  Electricity and water are not good together. It can be fatal! Call Emergency Plumber Fulham and keep your home safe from danger.

A room that is always cooler than others

A damp spot in a room can keep the room temperature lower than that of others in your home. If you do experience this, there is a hidden leak. Water removes heat faster from the atmosphere than air. At Emergency Plumber Fulham, we take care of this problem. You should call us now!

A dripping sound

In the quiet of your home, take time to listen to any sound of water dripping in your bathroom, kitchen, or toilet. This sound could be faint or audible. Look out for the source of any dripping sound at once to avoid waste of water and hike in the water bill. You can call us at Emergency Plumber Fulham today.

Wet floors and carpets

When your bathroom floor or tiles come loose and are stained, it may be caused by a nearby leaking pipe discharging water into the floor. If your floorboards are constantly wet from under, it can lead to rotting, and the floors will become weak.

Don't keep quiet if you are experiencing these. Your carpet may be absorbing water from a pipe leak. Check out these issues and get a good plumber to fix it for you. Our number is 020 34751589. Give us a call, and we will come as soon as possible to repair your plumbing.

Damaged ceiling, sagging floors, or stained walls

When there are hidden leaks in your ceiling, around your walls and floors, it can cause rippling, warping, or staining of these areas. Trying to fix this yourself may not be possible. Fixing it on time is advisable to avoid structural damage. But you have us! Give us a ring should you notice these things and we'll be there to take out that leakage.

Structural materials that are warping

Materials such as drywall, baseboard, wood panels, or plaster that are warping may be as a result of dampness. If your wall is abnormally flat on the surface and in texture, there may be a hidden leak somewhere. Call Emergency Plumber Fulham! We can fix plumbing issues efficiently.

Crackling paints or blistered wallpaper

Any change in colour, bubbling, or cracking of paint and wallpaper is not caused by the steam in your bath area. Should you notice any of these, there's a possibility that water may be moving slowly behind the wall. Call us for proper inspection and repairs.

Moulds, mildews, and musty smells

It is common for mildew and moulds to be found around shower areas. For better detection of a pipe leak,  look for them in other areas in your bathroom where they may not be common. Bear in mind that mildews and moulds thrive in dark and wet places. A wall leak is a perfect condition for the growth of bacteria.

Again, if you have cleaned up your shower and bath areas, but you still perceive a musty smell, it could be a sign that a pipe is leaking. We know this because old waste gives off a musty and earthy smell. Don't waste time! Call us at Emergency Plumber Fulham!

What happens when you cannot find the leakage?

When you have taken your time to check out these areas we have listed above and still cannot find out the source of the pipe leak; you need to act smart by calling in a professional plumber. The earlier the source of the leak is uncovered, the better. Don't ignore visible signs of leakage either. Water damage can be catastrophic if not rectified on time.

Contact Emergency Plumber Fulham for professional help with hidden plumbing leaks in Fulham. We are always available 24/7 and respond to call-outs on time. We know that plumbing can fail at any time of the day which is why our team is always available.

Our plumbing services are commendable and cost-effective. We have some of the latest plumbing tools and expertise to do a thorough job. Our customer service is great. You will always be satisfied when you hire us because we take our time to do our job.

Wherever you are in Fulham, we can always get to you.

Where To Get Help In Case Of Hidden Plumbing Leaks Fulham?

You can start by shutting off your water from the mains in the event of a visible pipe leak. But what do you do when the pipes are hidden? It's simple! Call Emergency Plumber Fulham on 020 34751589. We would get to the source of that hidden leak with our modern plumbing technology and restore your plumbing.

It would be our delight to work for you. Just give us a call soon, and you'll enjoy our efficient services.

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