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A kitchen revamp is what you need when your kitchen is out-dated, and you're not feeling good about it. Would you like to transform your old kitchen into an ultramodern one? Don't look far away for help, we at Emergency Plumber Fulham are the solution to what you seek. We've got amazing kitchen ideas and the tools to give your kitchen a more beautiful outlook. To make this happen, give us a call on 020 34751589.

At Emergency Plumber Fulham, we have been redecorating kitchens across London for years, and it has been good. From replacement to the addition of kitchen fixtures and fittings, you can rely on us for efficient services any time.

Most people think that renovating a kitchen can be outright expensive! Do you think so too? If that's the case, you might have a rethink after we are done with refurbishing your kitchen. We at Emergency Plumber Fulham work according to our customers need and budget without compromising quality. So, even if you have a low budget, relax, we can work with you to bring out the best in your kitchen. All you have to do is call us right away.

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Kitchen makeover Vs kitchen refurbishment

Kitchen plumbing, like every other plumbing, is a job that requires professionalism. A thorough understanding of the job is fundamental. A lot of persons usually think that a kitchen makeover and refurbishment are the same things but it's not true. The job description for each one of them differs, and that's why they aren't the same thing.

So, what does a kitchen makeover involve?

When you want a makeover for your kitchen, you should think of improving the cosmetics of your kitchen. It may include changing a few fixtures here and there which may not take so much time. A kitchen makeover could take a week or two to complete. Expect changes like:

  • Replacement of kitchen doors and door handles
  • A new kitchen worktop
  • Replacement of kitchen sink
  • New drawer fronts

During a makeover, the unit under your sink may also be changed due to dampness. The aftermath of a kitchen makeover may not look so outstanding, but it will surely create a vast difference in the appearance of your kitchen.

For people with a low budget, a makeover may be a good option. If you do need this service, call us at Plumber Fulham and let's get started.

What does a kitchen refurbishment involve?

In kitchen refurbishment, an entirely new kitchen takes the place of your old and tired looking kitchen. Your kitchen will be redesigned to create space for storage, appliances, and other necessary kitchen fixtures and fittings. This may take more than two weeks to be completed because most times, your kitchen layout will be changed.

Let's say you've lived in your home for years and your kitchen has been the way it was since you moved in, what you need is a kitchen renovation to make your kitchen come alive again. Whatever style of kitchen you desire, trust us to create the perfect kitchen for you. During a kitchen refurbishment, you can see the following changes:

  • A new flooring
  • Plastering of kitchen walls
  • Painting and decoration of kitchen walls
  • A redesign of kitchen layout
  • Installation of kitchen plumbing such as sinks, garbage disposal, gas pipes, etc
  • Fixing of new kitchen furniture like cupboards, cabinets, etc

All of these is done to give your kitchen a lift that will amaze you. You can even choose any worktop and sink you desire for your kitchen, and it will be fixed for you. Try Emergency Plumber Fulham today. Remember that the kind of renovation you'll get depends on your needs and preference. But don't worry, we have a professional team that can help you with any kitchen transformation you want. Only give us a call!

What qualifies us?


Here at Emergency Plumber Fulham, our team of local kitchen fitters have years of experience on the job. We train our engineers regularly on the latest trends in kitchen plumbing and troubleshooting challenges.


When it comes to kitchen renovation, we have very good hands that have been tried and tested. We have been in the business of redecorating kitchens in Fulham, and our customers have been happy with our services. Using the latest tools and machinery, our team of kitchen fitters will give you value-oriented service.

Great customer service

At Plumber Fulham, our customers are always treated with care. We do listen to their needs and take care of them. The feedback we get from our customers (which are mostly positive) are well-considered. We have a team of friendly and smart plumbers that are easy going and understanding.

Affordable services

Our kitchen refurbishment services are cost-effective. You do not have to rob a bank to pay for our services. We understand that you may not have so much money, yet, we deliver quality services without compromising standards.

So, now that you know, why don't you give us a call today. A trial will convince you! Call us on 020 34751589.

But is a kitchen refurbishment necessary?

Depending on your perspective and of course preferences, your answer may be a 'yes' or 'no'. But should you decide to get your kitchen renovated, you stand the chance of having:

  • Greater convenience - Your kitchen will get decongested and redesigned after a refurb. The tired look of your sink or worktop will be improved, and you can be sure that cooking or preparing meals will be more fun. Did we mention other facilities that can be added to make your cooking easier? You can get an extension and addition of kitchen appliances that will increase your comfort in the kitchen
  • Added value - More value is added to your kitchen when it is renovated. The air becomes cleaner and refreshed when all those old and dusty fixtures are uninstalled. You even get more storage space and a more sanitary cooking area. A dining area can also be added to your kitchen as well. You'll love it!
  • Better outlook - A new kitchen will always look smarter and beautiful than an old one. Everywhere in your kitchen will be spotlessly clean! Remember, the walls will be painted and decorated according to your taste, and you will feel good each time you walk into your kitchen.

Who to call for kitchen refurbishment?

For all of these amazing benefits and more, you'll need a professional plumber to renovate your kitchen. It may cost you more in hiring a good hand, but it's far better than having an inexperienced kitchen fitter do the job. Your time and money will be saved as you will be spared of expensive repairs later on.

If you are considering kitchen refurbishment in Fulham, think of Emergency Plumber Fulham today. We are one company you can rely on for quality kitchen services. Our phone lines are always open, and someone will attend to your needs.

What's the cost of kitchen refurbishment?

The cost of getting your kitchen redecorated may be high or low depending on your needs. Every homeowner does have a choice of kitchen. We will discuss your preference with you and make all the necessary arrangements. At the end of the day, you can be sure of maximum satisfaction.

Other factors that are considered in estimating the cost of kitchen refurb include:

  • The number and type of kitchen appliances to be installed
  • Cost of unloading the old kitchen
  • The cost of plumbing services

It is recommended that you hire a competent hand for kitchen renovation. At Emergency Plumber Fulham, we will discuss your needs with you so we can work within your budget to give you a great kitchen.

Are you ready to change that crappy, dusty, and tired-looking kitchen? Do you need a better kitchen that will suit your lifestyle? Contact us immediately!

At Emergency Plumber Fulham, we aim to provide better kitchens in Fulham. We have been doing it — we can do it for you too. Just give us a call. We are waiting and will be glad to hear from you soon.

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