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There are some facilities in our homes that may not be considered as vital as the toilet, but they are still helping us in carrying out our day-to-day affairs in our home, which mean they should be given due attention. With a sound Saniflo system installed, you can turn an extra room into a toilet or bathroom where traditional toilet flow system does not seem to work.

At Plumber Fulham, we do provide not only repair for the day-to-day items like toilet and sink, but we also offer professional service to your Saniflo system.

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Saniflo Repair Team

A blocked Saniflo system is similar to a blocked drain. It is caused by the presence of foreign objects which prevents the motor from pumping water through the system — when your Saniflo system is blocked, you will be unable to flush the toilet which is quite inconvenient.

Most times, a fault to your Saniflo is hard to recognise except when the system is vibrating or making noise. If you notice any issues with your saniflo, waste no time in getting in touch with a professional plumbing company. At Plumber Fulham, we carry out a professional diagnosis to identify the problem and proffer long-lasting solutions that ensure the issue does not spring up in future.

If your current Saniflo system is old, or not open to repair, we can carry out the hitch-free installation at an affordable rate and also help you source for all the items you will be needing.

How Does A Saniflo System work?

The working principle of a Saniflo system is quite complicated. However, what it does is to break down human waste and tissue paper with the help of a blade — this blade spins waste around, breaking up its components and mix it up with water flowing in the system so the waste can go out through your drainage.

Your Saniflo facilitates the transfer of waste into the soil. Most times, it comes to play if there is a significant distance between your toilet, shower, and the soil pipe. At Plumber Fulham, we have a team of professional plumbers who possess the right knowledge, skill and tools needed to get rid of your blocked Saniflo and also to carry out the installation of a new system.

Our Saniflo Repair Service

  • Hitch-free Maintenance
    Well maintained Saniflo system results in the smooth running of the home, especially the toilet and bathroom. At Plumber Fulham, we have the skills and machines needed to maintain your Saniflo system at home or work. Place a call across to us on 020 34751589 to find out the cost of maintenance or if you require our service.
  • Installation
    We provide exceptional Saniflo repair and installation service throughout Fulham which ranges from installations of new toilets, cleaning your drains to installing other plumbing equipment, Plumber Fulham has got you covered. We have experienced plumbers who are trained and experienced to fix any Saniflo issue in your home, no matter how complex. You can always rely on us to carry out a problem-free Installation for you using most modern technology and tools. Give us a call today!
  • Unblock Drains
    Our drains become blocked due to the usage of some products liable to obstruct the flow of water in the Saniflo system — throwing objects into the wastewater will likely result in blockage. Plumber Fulham also offers drainage services — unblocking your plumbing systems, toilets, sinks, saniflo and even drains, this is to ensure the smooth running of your equipment. Our engineers possess the skill and experience to handle your plumbing and drainage issue.

Why Choose Us

The need for professional plumber service cannot be overemphasised. More so, one that provides quality services that you can rely on any time. At Plumber Fulham, we take pride in providing top-notch services to our customers, and this is evident in the numbers of reviews — our customers give us a 5-star rating which is nothing less than what we truly deserve.

We Strive To Deliver High-Quality Service

With our years of experience in carrying out installation and repairs of Saniflo, you can trust us to deliver exceptional services. We have a keen interest in only good equipment for all our repair and maintenance. Give us a call on 020 34751589 and let us put an end to all your plumbing issues.

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