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The plumbing system of a building must be properly done so that you don’t experience issues in the future. When any part of the plumbing system in your home fails, it can damage your properties. Your piping system may fail as a result of age, bad installations, low-quality materials, lack of maintenance or major fluctuations in temperature.

Since most of the piping connections in your home are covered with concrete or walls, knowing the expected life cycle of your pipes as a homeowner will help you understand when to replace your pipework. To know when to replace your pipework, you must take note of the piping materials.

This is why Plumber Fulham is a call away to ensure that all your pipework replacements are done by professionals to meet industry’s standard. Call us today if you think you need pipework replacement.

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Pipe Material

You should check the materials of your plumbing pipes when they are being installed. There are different materials from which plumbing pipes are made — each of them has a different life expectancy and poses different problems. The appraisal or inspection report you got when you bought your home should have details of the type of piping materials that were used. Each piping material has a lifespan as provided below

  • Copper pipes can last for over 50 years before replacement
  • Brass pipes can last between 40 to 45 years
  • Galvanised Steel pipes can last between 20 to 50 years
  • Cast Iron pipes can last between 75 to 100 years
  • PVC pipes have an indefinite lifespan.

It is a fact that the above piping materials last very long, but you must take note of the pipe joints, fittings and other components of your plumbing system. Old features and bad connections can cause leakages in homes.

Some Signs You May Observe That Points Out Pipework Replacement

Cracks on the pipe, leaks or corrosion of pipes are the most obvious signs that your home has plumbing issues. You may see other signs such as water-stained or warped flooring, baseboards or the area behind dishwasher or sinks getting wet, and water tubing that is rust-coloured which can be a sign of corroding or leaking pipes.

Corrosion in pipes and leakages downstream from a plumbing fixture can cause low water pressure. Corrosion of pipes causes blockages in pipes which reduces water pressure in the long run. One of the signs of a blocked pipe is a hissing sound which shows that air has been trapped. Mould or damp in enclosed areas can also be a sign of leakage. When it takes time for water in your sink to drain, it is a sign of blocked drains. You can unblock your drain with a drain cleaner or plumber's snake. If you are not sure of how to do it, reach out to us.

Repair or Replace?

You will need a plumber to either repair or replace your piping system when they have issues that may include dislodging material in blocked pipes, replacing faulty fixtures and pipe connectors, as well as replacing faulty exposed pipes. During repairs, there may be a need for demolition of walls or floor if the pipes are concealed underground or behind a wall.

Repairing your plumbing pipes is good, but it is better to replace them when you renovate your kitchen, bathroom or basement. It costs less to repair surface pipes because the signs of leaking water can be seen easily, but if demolishing will be required because the pipes are hidden beneath the floor or walls, it will be better to replace the pipe. This is because the walls or floors will have to be demolished to inspect the hidden pipes and joints before you determine if they should be repaired or replaced. This process may be more complicated; that is why you will need an experienced plumber.

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Do you need an experienced local plumber to replace your pipework? Plumber Fulham is a reliable plumbing company you can trust for all pipework repairs and replacements. For booking and inquiry, please call 020 34751589.

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