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Saniflo Installations, Repairs and Problems

At Emergency Plumber Barnet, we have a team of engineers who are capable of installing your saniflo system, which provides the best answer to common problems encountered in your toilets or bathroom. It can be in your office, your home, a restaurant and so on.

Whenever you require our assistance in installing or repairing your Saniflo system, call our phone line on
020 34751546, and we'll respond immediately to ensure that you get the best quality service.

Installing a saniflo system in your home can be of an advantage to you, in the sense that it creates an additional room for toilet services due to the discharge of waste through an upward flush.

Plumber Barnet is highly trusted within the whole of Barnet, in delivering quality repairs and installation of your Saniflo system. The nature of our services is up to standard and renders a satisfying outcome.

Endeavour to seek the services of our professionals at Emergency Plumber Barnet by contacting us on
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How the Saniflo System works

A Saniflo system resembles your standard toilets at home in terms of physical appearance. But the difference can be found in the interior and in the process by which the waste is being disposed.

The Saniflo consists of the pipe and a macerator. When waste is flushed, instead of going directly down to the septic tank, it goes directly into the macerator through a connected pipe.

The macerator comprises of a sharp rotating blade that turns automatically, shredding every bit of human waste and toilet papers, which in turn mixes with water. The waste is then disposed of by means of an electric pipe passed upwardly through a discharge pipe into your septic tank.

This whole procedure is carried out within a matter of seconds and is usually positioned in a place in which the toilet, the bathroom and the septic tank are not close to one another.

You can always request the services of our professionals at Emergency Plumber Barnet to install your Saniflo system appropriately and to conduct any repairs if the need arises.

Saniflo System Installation

Before you can install your Saniflo System, there is a wide variety of conditions that you have to consider that is why our experts at Emergency Plumber Barnet are always available to help with installing your Saniflo system. We will first and foremost assess the area before providing you with the best option that will enable your total satisfaction.

Our methods are highly updated. So whenever you contact us on 020 34751546, you can be sure of getting the best quality installation that will serve you for a very long period of time. We can’t wait to help you with your installation.

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Saniflo System Repairs

Your Saniflo system can stop functioning if there is a case of a faulty macerator. This can be as a result of an object preventing the motor from generating water into the system.

Another factor that can cause your Saniflo system to experience blockage is the constant deposit of limescale in the macerator. This usually affects people who reside in an area that constitutes hard water. On that note, endeavour to carry out descaling at least twice annually.

In any other instances in which your Saniflo system develops pump problems, irritating noises, electrical faults or dripping of water from the pipe, don't hesitate to contact the services of our experts at Emergency Plumber Barnet. Or call 020 34751546 to direct you on the best approach to take.

Plumber Barnet is highly recommended and best suited to help you install your new Saniflo system so that you don't have to worry any longer. We also provide our customers with a platform, where we educate our clients on various ways of maintaining their Saniflo system to avoid breakdown.

Always seek the best quality services at Emergency Plumber Barnet, and you will be glad that you did.

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