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Immersion Heater Installation and Repairs

The immersion heater is a facility used by most homeowners to heat water in their property. An immersion heater is a device which is inserted into the liquid to heat it. The main advantage of immersion heaters over normal heaters is that it allows you to heat your liquid to any temperature of your choice.

If you are in Barnet and in search of a skilled professional to help out with installation, look no further as Emergency Plumber Barnet is readily available to help out with installation and repairs of Immersion Heaters.

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Domestic Immersion Heaters

At Emergency Plumber Barnet, we help customers to install immersion heaters and in some cases, repair faulty immersion heaters. We recommend quality immersion heater installations as poorly installed heaters can increase operating cost.

If you need your immersion heaters installed for your domestic property, contact our emergency plumber Barnet on 020 34751546.

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Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are made up of a metal tube with a temperature sensor. They also come with insulated electric resistance heaters usually rated at 3 Kilowatts. When immersion heaters are inserted into the liquid, there is a transfer of electricity to the liquid, and this helps to heat it.

The thermostat is used to monitor the temperature of the water in the tank. Coldwater is fed into the tank at the bottom when heated, and the water rises to the top. The presence of cold water at the bottom of the heated water in the tank makes it possible for the heated water to be able to leave the cylinder when required. An isolating switch is used to wire the immersion heater into the mains electrical supply.

Why Use Immersion Heaters?

Immersion heaters are more accurate and efficient due to direct heating. They are safer to use since they come with control boxes to attend to safety needs. The particular temperature of heat you want can be achieved using immersion heaters. Also, immersion heaters that come with thermostats are designed to go off when the desired heat temperature is reached. This can help keep energy under control. You can set your immersion heaters to heat up at specific times when your energy tariff is cheaper as this will help you save more money.

With professional service from an emergency plumber Barnet, you can easily get your immersion heaters fixed. Contact our emergency plumber Barnet by calling 020 34751546.

Why You Need Our Services

Our emergency plumber Barnet is experienced in installing Immersion heaters. We offer affordable services, and we help maintain the facility after installation. Also, our plumbers are friendly and reliable.

When is it Time to Replace your Immersion Heater?

When elements begin to lose their colouration and particles begin to build up on the sheath of immersion heaters, it can cause loss of heat transfer in the heaters. The life span of immersion heaters can be significantly affected by some factors like humidity, number of times the equipment is used and how it is maintained.

The immersion heater is going to get too old to function someday, but your actions of care can lengthen its span. Finally, after replacing the elements in an immersion heater for a long time, you should consider getting a new immersion heater.

Our emergency plumber Barnet can help you in fixing and replacing your immersion heaters. Call us on 020 34751546 and our emergency plumber Barnet will be available to help.

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