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Power Flush

Constant use of central heating systems over time, causes sludge to build up in the pipes. As a result of this build-up, the heating system is affected and is unable to work perfectly. It may develop some other problems as time goes by.

Clearing up these sludge requires the use of a power flush pump. Emergency Plumber Barnet is the right place to contact for a power flush service.

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What is Power Flush?

The power flush system is a mechanism aimed at removing the built-up sludge in the central heating system. It involves little to no disruption in dismantling the heating system and is the quickest way to remove this build-up of sludge.

This built-up sludge is caused by years of accumulation of dirt and deposits of corrosion, and it only happens when the central heating systems have been in use for an extended period.

Plumber Barnet is one of the reputable plumbing company that can see to the effective removal of sludge from your heating system. If you are searching for a plumber Barnet to remove the dirt in your heating system, do contact us now on 02034751546 and we shall respond immediately.

Power Flush; How does it work?

Power flushing involves the use of highly effective power flushing pumps, together with cleaning solutions or chemicals. These two substances are used to clear every sludge, and deposits in the heater, no matter how stubborn they are.

At Emergency Plumber Barnet, we can confidently say that all our engineers have been trained to power flushing pumps and chemicals. In other words, if you call us for power flushing service, our engineers will use these tools efficiently to give you the best plumbing service. You can call us today at 02034751546, and you will not be disappointed.

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Why should you call us?

Aside from the fact that we are one of the best plumbing companies around you. There are other reasons why we should be your first choice for plumbing service.

  • Years of experience
  • Qualified personnel
  • Reliability and trustworthy
  • Gas safe and certified engineers

What Happens If I Don't Power Flush My Heating System?

Allowing sludge to build-up for years is already a major problem on its own. Choosing to do nothing about it for personal reasons will take a toll on the heating system in ways such as;

  • Inadequate heat delivered through the radiator. Some areas will become cold
  • Circulation of water around the heating system becomes poor
  • Strange noise or sounds coming from the heating system as it works.
  • Radiators getting rusted
  • Dirty water build-up in the heating system. It can even be black-coloured due to the deposits
  • Heating pump frequently cutting off
  • Hike in heating bills
  • Valves getting blocked as a result of the cold radiators.

These are some of the problems that you can quickly notice. There could be much more severe problems that could go unnoticed, all the while causing havoc in the running of the central heating system.

There is no excuse not to call us at Plumber Barnet for power flushing. Our services are effective, efficient, and very affordable. Call 02034751546 today, and we shall assist you.

Power Flushing Procedure

First,  the power flushing pumps must be connected to the central heating system throughout the procedure. A High-velocity flow of water is pumped in to dislodge the debris, deposit, and sludge. When it becomes loose, freshwater is vigorously pumped in at high velocity to flush them out of the system to waste.

   After this, the central heating system becomes clean and filled with fresh water, and normal operation commences immediately.

Success Rate

The success of power flushing is dependent on the corrosion levels that have occurred. This means it can only flush out the debris, but cannot reverse the corrosion that may have occurred.

Power flushing is very helpful as it helps to uncover hidden problems. A good example is leaking. It makes it easier to fix any issues that are present because the exact location of the problem would be discovered during the flushing process.


Our expert plumbers at Plumber Barnet strongly advice that any problem or flaw present or noticed in the central heating system should be fixed before the power flushing process. If possible, call in a plumber for inspection, and if any leak or flaw is noticed, it should be resolved before the power flushing. It protects the system from the velocity of water involved in power flushing.

Call in a Professional

We also advise that you go for a reputable plumbing company with good recommendation and review like us at Plumber Barnet for the power flushing procedure.

The power flushing service we provide at Plumber Barnet is not just for private homes, it is equally accessible to commercial establishments, business buildings etc. If you need your central heating systems inspected and power flushed, in your homes, office or anywhere, contact us today for our gas certified services on 02034751546. We are always ready to deliver!

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