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Kitchen Refurbishment

Do you need kitchen refurbishment? At Emergency Plumber Barnet, we offer one of the best kitchen refurbishment services with expert design and installation guarantees. We aim to give you a breath-taking kitchen and a 2-year guarantee on workmanship in case something goes wrong (which most certainly, they will not).

You can call us on 020 34751546 to obtain a quote.

Redesigning Your Kitchen

Refurbishing or renovating a kitchen is the best part of modernising a kitchen. This process usually demands you rip off everything you had in the kitchen and starting again with just a blank canvas.

Kitchen refurbishment is always done to redesign the kitchen so that it can fit your desires and meet your needs. This process gives the homeowner an opportunity to be creative about their kitchen design. The following are other characteristics of a kitchen renovation, but only some of the aspect may apply to all renovations.

  • Installing new lighting
  • Installing an extractor fan
  • Laying a new flooring (e.g. marble, tiles, etc.)
  • Plastering and painting or tiling the kitchen walls
  • Redesigning the layout
  • Getting the gas pipes switches, plumbing and electric socket reconfigured
  • Replacing the unit of the basement or cupboards and drawers with new custom units

When we refurbish a kitchen, we work with the homeowner to help tailor in their desires for the kitchen and give them what they have always dreamed of.  You can call us to book an appointment or obtain a quote on
020 34751546.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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The Types of Kitchen Refurbishment Customers We Have

Precision installation is what most customers with new kitchen demand for. This is because they clearly understand how they want their new kitchen to be. They spend a lot of time researching what they need and getting online pictures of what suits their taste. This makes them comfortable with only purchase. If you are this kind of customer, all you need do is to give us a call so we can discuss your needs for installation.

There are also customers who have not bought a new kitchen yet but do not have a complete idea of how they would want their kitchen to feel. In cases like this, we as kitchen specialists give our advice on the types and design that will suit their needs.

If you are a customer like this, you do not have any issue. All you need do is to contact us so we can meet with you and discuss what will help you lay your hands on a design you will love.

The Cost of A Kitchen Refurbishment

An average new kitchen in the UK costs about £8,500, and it rises to £10,500 in London. This is just an estimate of the price for a new kitchen and does not include the price for ripping off the old kitchen and getting the new one in place neither does it cover the cost of any alterations that may be made in the structure like removing the wall or others in the same line of action.

The cost of a kitchen refurbishment depends entirely on the type of kitchen you want to install and the types of materials and furnished you want to be used for you. Modern high gloss kitchens, German kitchens and Italian kitchens are the most expensive.

The activities that will be used while renovating the kitchen will also influence the price. If you need a full renovation which may include installing new flooring, altering the plumbing and gas pipes or installing modern lightings, know that they will make the renovation cost more.

Make Good Design Choices

Refurbishing or renovating a kitchen is not an everyday task hence care must be taken so that you do not regret the design you have chosen. We advise our customers to go over their choices again to be sure they are making the choices they need.

Quality is an essential factor when considering a refurbishment as a kitchen may not be renovated again until after 5 or 6 years. This is certainly too long a time for you to manage a poorly installed kitchen or materials of poor quality.

You deserve the value for your money; this is why our team offers you one of the best kitchen refurbishment services in Barnet at highly competitive prices. We help tailor in your desires without reducing the quality of the installation so you can call on us to get the job done for you. Our customers are usually the happiest.

The number to call is 020 34751546. We will be waiting to answer and offer you any assistance you need.

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