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Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Do you believe your plumbing has hidden leaks or do you need a professional to perform a check on your plumbing system? If yes, contact us at Emergency Plumber Barnet on 020 34751546 and let us check your plumbing system and fix all of its disorders for you.

Leaks occur in the plumbing system, but when these leaks are hidden, they can be more dangerous. These leaks can be relatively expensive to repair; you could spend hundreds or thousands of pounds to get it fixed.

The disadvantages of leaks are enormous. They start by increasing your water level, and if they do not get checked, they will damage your properties too. They also cause the growth of mould and mildew in your plumbing system which can be hazardous to the health of your family.

How to Know if you have a Hidden Leak?

Hidden leaks are usually diagnosed by a professional during regular checks.

At Emergency Plumber Barnet, we offer thorough regular checks which help us minimise your chances of having hidden leaks and recognising them if they occur.

How to Recognise the Signs of a Hidden Leak

Slow and silent leaks in pipes, fixtures and appliances are one of the most frequent plumbing problems in the home. Here are guidelines carefully highlighted by us that will help you locate any leak that occurs.

The most common places in which leaks occur are also highlighted.

  1. Check your utility bills regularly to know when there are large differences between the past and the present one
    Leakages make the water bills go up so this can be an effective way for one to know that the plumbing system has some hidden leaks. You can quickly know that there is something wrong somewhere when the difference between your current bill and the previous is significant for no reason you can tell.
  2. Always study your water meter
    Studying your water metre will help you know when your water is wasting through some leakages you don't know anything about. This is usually a good way to suspect a leak as a significant increase in the water bills without a change in the water use routine is typically an indication of a leak.

You will have an accurate result if you check the metre when everyone is out of the house as there will be nobody using the water when the check is being done. You can get better results if you

  • Stop the use of water in the home (both indoor and outdoor) for a minimum of 3 hours
  • Take note of the metre reading. You can do this by writing it down
  • Allow 3 hours to pass
  • Take the reading of the metre again.

If the metre reading changes, this means that there is a source through which water is leaving your plumbs without your knowledge and how else could this be possible if not through leaks?

You can contact us on 020 34751546 to fix your plumbing problems and for more information.

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How to Locate a Leak when you Suspect One

When you suspect a leak, the first place to check should be the sinks, showers, visible pipes, dishwasher, washing machine, toiler, sprinkler and irrigation system. If you locate any drips, puddles or soft spot on or close to these fixtures, they could be indicating the presence of a leak and calling a professional to get them fixed is the best thing to do.

The presence of saggy ceilings, walls or floors and wallpapers that have mouldy stains and musty smells usually indicate that there is a leak in your plumbing system.

If the leaks occur in places like the back of the wall, which may be damaging to your home and property, ensure it is being treated immediately.

Leaks In The Toilets

The toilet uses up to 30% of the water in the home, but this percentage can be increased if there is a leakage. You can locate a leak in your toilet by adding a food colouring to the toilet tank and allow it for about 10 minutes. If within these 10 minutes, you see this colour appear in the toilet bowl, know that your toilet tank is leaking.

This leak in the toilet is usually caused by a worn-out rubber seal and can be fixed if the rubber seal is replaced.

Baths, Shower Heads, Sinks and Taps

If there is an earthy musty smell or mould around or under your basin, know that there is a leak. These leaks can become more common for plumbing systems that have lasted for more than 25 years as plumbing systems do decline as they age.

If your taps and showerheads do not shut down their supply of water completely, there is a leak. Little drips from these water outlets can cause an enormous amount of water to be lost. Replacing leaking taps or showerheads are usually the best solutions for this problem.

Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Leaks are usually noticed when the pumps, valves and hoses on these appliances start becoming discoloured or show oxidation.

When the hose of a dishwasher or washing machine leaks, it usually becomes a big problem. The faulty hose should be replaced immediately so that the problem does not advance to become one that will need more money to fix.

We will be glad to help you that when you call.

Water Heaters

The presence of water puddles around your water heater could be a helpful sign of a leak. When oxidation or corrosion occurs on the connections of your water heater, you should call a professional for quick action. You should form a habit of regularly checking your water heater.

Stained or Damaged Floors, Sagging Ceilings, and Walls

When your walls or floors get stained, warped, rippled or your ceiling sags, know that a pipe behind or around it is leaking. The locations of these leaks are not places you can easily access so call us to get to those places and fix them up.

Stained, Blistered. Bubbling Up or Chipping Crackling On Your Paints or Wallpapers

A bubble or crack in the wall or paint of your bath or shower is not usually caused by the steam from your hot water — It is likely caused by a leak. In case you notice this, call us and let us fix it for you.

Funny Smells, Mould and Mildew

When you perceive funny, musty and earthy smells around your clean bathroom, know that there is a place that is soaked with old water. This old water can only be those that leak out from pipes.

Mildew and moulds are usually common in the corners of the shower but if you find them in places where they have not been present before, know that there is a leak around that area. Mildew and mould tend to grow in moist areas, and they will want to grow where there is a leaky pipe or appliance.

Wet Carpet and Floors

Hidden leaks can cause the floor of your bathroom or utility area to become springy or the tiles to loosen or become stained.

Rotting floorboards can also be caused by hidden water leaks. They usually make the floor weak and sink a bit when you step on it.

Carpets can also get wet when there is water leaking into the floor. This leakage can cause the carpet to become wet and start having an unpleasant smell. Calling professionals is always the right thing to do in cases such as this. We are just a call away!

Unusually Cold Rooms

Water tends to take out heat from a room very fast making it cooler than other rooms. If you notice your room is getting colder than it has always been without any significant change in the weather condition, know that it could be water that is taking out the warmth. This water can only be present there through leaks.

You should call us if this happens and we will take care of the and get your room back to its normal temperature.

Sparking Light Switches

Water is a conductor of electricity, and it can be very dangerous when it gets into your electrical system; it can even cause death. If you see or notice sparks when you turn on your light switch, cut off your power supply to the affected area and seek the help of a professional immediately.

The Presence of a Dripping Sound

If you happen to hear a faint dripping sound when everything in your house is quiet, know that it is the sound of a leakage. Calling on us to fix it will help prevent the small leak from becoming a big problem.

let us fix your hidden plumbing leaks

Our skilled and experienced plumbers can detect and fix any hidden leaks no matter its location on your plumbing system. Call us today and book an appointment on 020 34751546 and you can also call us in case of an emergency and just like our name, we will respond promptly.

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