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Pipework Replacement

The plumbing system tends to decline over time, so they tend to function less as they age. A failure of any part of the plumbing system puts your assets and the whole property at risk of damage.

Pipework can also fail even when they are not old. This kind of failure is either caused by lack of regular maintenance, great temperature fluctuations and components that are faulty or installations that didn’t meet up to the standard.

It is essential to note that majority of the pipes in your home are hidden in walls and others in concrete. This is a reason one should know how long a plumbing system will last and when it has started showing signs that it needs to be changed. This will be helpful to homeowners to plan for the replacement of their plumbing systems.

If you want to get your pipework system around Barnet to be replaced, contact us now on 020 34751546, and our expert plumbers would be glad to help out with this. Put a call through to us now!

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Pipe Material

The type of piping material used in your home is a very important factor when the lifespan of your plumbing system is concerned. The different types of piping materials have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages and are likely to pose different challenges to the home. When buying a new home, it is vital to have an appraisal or report of inspection that will have comprehensive details of the make of the plumbing pipes used in the home.

The table below represents some piping materials and their expected lifespan.

Piping Materials Expected Lifespan
Copper 50 years or more
Brass 40-45 years
Cast iron 75-100 years
Galvanised steel 20-50 years
PVC piping Can last indefinitely

You may be impressed by the lifespan of some of these piping materials, but it is always important to consider the other things like their fittings, joints and the mechanical components which are used to connect the plumbing to the fixtures and appliances of the home.

When these plumbing materials get old, they become faulty and replacing them is usually the best solution.

Contact our experienced emergency plumber in Barnet to help out with your pipework replacement.

How to know a Failing Plumbing

Failing plumbing usually shows some signs, and some of these signs include corrosion and leakage of pipes and obvious cracks on pipes. It may also start having some plumbing issues which may include:

  • Warping or water-stained floors
  • Wet baseboards or other areas in or around the dishwasher or sinks
  • Rust-coloured water tubing which is usually a sign of rusting pipes.

In conditions when the water pressure becomes low, it can also be a sign that there is a blocked drain or leaking pipe somewhere. The presence of a rattling or gurgling sound from the pipes is usually an indication that air is trapped in a blocked pipe. When an enclosed area is damp,  or mould grows on it, it is an indication of a leaking pipe.

When drains move slowly, they should be cleared with a plumber’s “snake” or a drain cleaner. A slow-moving drain is usually in indication of a blocked drain or pipeline.

If you notice any of these signs, call us right away to inspect your plumbing system.

Do You Want to repair or replace your plumbing?

There are some problems that can be easily fixed without the help of a plumber, especially if they have to do with blocked drains or exposed pipes though it is still advisable to get them to do it. The challenge is usually faced when the problem is related to a concealed pipe. This kind of condition definitely needs a plumber.

It is important to replace the pipework system when you renovate the basement, bathroom or kitchen. The cost of doing this can be significantly reduced if you replace only the visible pipes if there is there are no signs that the concealed pipes are leaking.

When the exposed pipes are replaced, the joints of the concealed pipes should be examined to know if they need fixing or replacement.

Contact a professional!

To have good success in a project like this, it is important to get the job done by Emergency Plumber Barnet. Our engineers are certified, skilled and well experienced to handle the project.

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