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Plumber Barnet is a local plumber located in Colney Hatch. A small locality found within the London Borough of Barnet. At Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch, we provide our customers with our excellent services in plumbing, heating and drainage concerns. We are made up of highly qualified and trained professionals capable of giving you adequate and reliable results.

Our services spread across Colney Hatch and its environs. We are notable for providing an immediate response to any plumbing, heating emergencies and maintenance. We are reliable, efficient and assist with plumbing services.

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  • 24-hour Emergency response
    At Plumber Barnet, we have a strict policy on the urgency of response to our customers. Our trained and experienced engineers are always on standby to assist you in fixing any heating or plumbing problems you may be experiencing.

    The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, contact us at any time of the day and our team of professionals will be at your doorstep within the hour to assist you.
  • Affordable Quality Services
    The efficiency of services provided by our team of experts at Plumber Barnet is one of the best. We are known for giving our best with a 100 per cent guaranty of reliable service at an affordable price. We place the comfort of our customers as our utmost concern. Give us a call today 020 34751546.
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals
    At Plumber Barnet, our engineers are trained to handle any of your heating or plumbing problems. We understand the need for you to be sure if the plumber called in can handle the job. Our trained engineers have years of experience and are skilled to meet your expectations.
  • well trained professionals
    In a bid to provide you with the best quality of service, our team of trained professionals are duly registered under the gas safety regulations. At Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch, we regularly update our team with modern methods to ensure a faster and more effective way to assist our customers better.


Colney Hatch is located at the Northern side ending of the Colney Hatch Lane (B550). It is a scarce area of land found within the London Borough of Barnet. The area links Friern Barnet with Muswell Hill, intersecting the North Circular Road.

The name, Colney Hatch, can be traced back to a hamlet located in the parish of Friern Barnet, back in the 15th century.

Hatch meaning hitch-gate, is usually discovered along the borders of forests to stop cattle from straying. The locality mostly consists of residential buildings of Victorian and Edwardian houses with N11, N10 as the coverage postcode of the district.

The area is located within longitudes and latitudes of 51.61054N and 0.15575W.


At Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch, we endeavour to provide our customers with the best quality services within and outside the locality.

The majority of the kinds of services we offer are as follows;


Concerning any difficulties, you might encounter with your plumbing systems at a residential or commercial area, be sure to contact us at Plumber Barnet, and we will send our trained and experienced plumber in Colney Hatch to fix the problem.

At Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch, we carry plumbing services ranging from installation of your bathroom accessories to minor problems like fixing the faucet in your wash hand basin and leaking pipes.

Our plumber N11 make use of sophisticated and modernised plumbing equipment in providing our customers with excellent service. We also offer guidelines on how to maintain your facilities at home to avoid any breakdown.

Call us on 020 34751546 for any plumbing assistance and get back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Boiler Installation

At Plumber Barnet, we undertake the installation of boilers of various types. Importantly, you should seek the services of professionals who are qualified to handle boiler installations N11. That is why our team of professionals who are well trained, are always available to install your heating appliance under the gas safety requirement in Colney Hatch and its environs.

The safety and comfort of our customers is our utmost priority. We ensure sure that our prices are affordable and services reliable to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers. For boiler installation, Colney Hatch, reach out to us!

Boiler Repair

the boiler room - Colney Hatch N11

Having a faulty boiler especially on a cold morning puts you in a very terrible position. For this purpose, Plumber Barnet provides you with a team of professionals always available to give you an immediate response to boiler repairs Colney Hatch. The complexity of damage to your boiler is never a source for concern to our experts. With our modern equipment, our engineers will conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain every fault, remedying the situation entirely.

Our engineers at Plumber Barnet N11, are trained and skilled with the proper qualification and knowledge. We conduct maintenance to boilers of any specifications ranging from conventional boilers to modernised high efficiency condensing boilers.

Contact us on 020 34751546 to get the best quality of boiler repairs N11.

Blocked Drains

Whenever you experience any problems with your drainage system. Such as kitchen sink blockages, toilets or blockage to external drains. Don't hesitate to request our assistance at Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch.

We are best suited to render services using up to date methods in solving drainage problems. At Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch, we are equipped with suitable gadgets that enable us to get a proper look at the interior of your drainage pipe to determine the cause of a blockage. This allows us to give our customers an adequate and reliable service for their blocked drains Colney Hatch.

Heating Services

plumber fixing central heating system - Colney Hatch N11

At Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch, we meet the need of our customers by providing you with general heating services N11 including, installation of your heating appliances, maintenance and repair of issues with your boilers.

Reach out to us today and enjoy the services of our highly trained professionals to providing installations, maintenance and repairs of your heating appliance. We maintain an adequate distribution of our Heating Services in Colney Hatch and its environs whenever you need us.

Call us on 020 34751546 today!

Emergency Plumber

plumber vs leaking faucet - Colney Hatch N11

Our skilled and trained experts at Emergency Plumber Barnet are always on standby to provide you with useful and reliable services whenever you encounter any plumbing issues. We possess modern technical equipment to neutralise any fault in your plumbing system, no matter how complex.

Plumbing issues such as leakages from pipes, faulty faucets in your wash hand basin or any other plumbing issues can be handled by our emergency plumbers Colney Hatch. You do not have to wait until you experience full damage to your plumbing system. Get in touch with us today at Plumber Barnet N11, and we will provide you with guidelines on how best to maintain your plumbing facilities.

Local Plumber

professional plumber - Colney Hatch N11

The instant services of Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch are always available at your disposal 24/7 within Colney Hatch and its environs. We will respond to any urgent calls immediately within the hour. Our engineers are trained to repair and install your plumbing facilities with expertise making sure to provide you with quality service.

Whether it is in your place of residence, or commercial environs, Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch will be there to attend to your every plumbing needs.


Endeavour to seek the professional services at Plumber Barnet in Colney Hatch, whenever you find yourself in need of plumbing repairs, heating appliance installation or servicing.

Call us on 020 34751546 we will be at your doorstep within the hour.

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