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What is Water Heater Recovery Time?

Entering the bathroom on a cold morning only to find out that the hot water is not hot enough because someone had a bath a few minutes before that time. All you will wish for at that moment is to get hot water very fast.

If your water heater has a slow recovery time, you will have to wait a while for the water to heat up before you can take your bath. If your water heater has a slow recovery time, here is how you can improve or upgrade it.

What does water heater recovery time mean?

Water heater recovery time is the time taken for a water heater to heat the tanks full capacity after hot water has been used or emptied. Water heater recovery time varies with types and sizes of water heaters. It has been observed that gas water heaters can heat water faster than an electric heater.

If you make use of an electric water heater and you have been running out of hot water constantly, you might consider upgrading to a gas water heater. The size of your household and your water heater size are also important factors that determine the water heater recovery time. When you use a 40-gallon water heater in a family that is more than two people, you will run out of hot water always.  Upgrading the size of your water heater up to 60 gallons or 80 gallons for this household size will be ideal.

How to improve water heating speed without getting a new one

If your water heater has slow recovery time and you cannot afford a new one, you can get a point-of-use water heater for your sink. A point of use heater is an appliance that can be installed under the sink. It receives water from the main water heater; it can store up to four gallons of hot water and can be used for washing dishes or for making tea or coffee.

Another way to improve water heating speed is to upgrade your pump to a hot water recirculating pump. Homes with old plumbing systems or with long distances between their hot water taps and the water heater should consider this procedure to improve water heating. These pumps can be installed on your existing pipes.  They help to return water in hot water pipes back into the heater so it can heat up faster.

Insulating your piping system and water heater helps to reduce heat loss. This makes heating of water more efficient.  You can call out to water heater installation and repair service Hammersmith to insulate your heater and pipes with the latest appliance insulation materials for improved water heating.

Should You Consider a Tankless Water Heater?

Installing a tankless water heater can save you more money in the long run, even though it might be expensive to install at the initial stage. Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient than the traditional water heater, and they give you hot water quickly at your time of need. They last longer than your traditional water heaters; their portable size makes them suitable for your homes.

There are so many factors in determining water heater recovery time in your home; some can be complicated, especially in older homes with old piping systems.

If you want to install a new heater or improve the water heating efficiency in your home, you can always reach out to Emergency Plumber Hammersmith. Contact us today; let us solve your water heating issues in the most affordable way.

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