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Bathroom Refurbishment and Installation

Are you in Hammersmith and in need of quality bathroom services? Is your bathroom old and tired looking? Come to us at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith; we are the solution to all bathroom headaches.

Do you need a bathroom suite?

If you need a new bathroom suite, we can provide just the perfect suite for you anytime. We are well known in Hammersmith for bathroom refurbishment, and it would be our delight to pick up the one you've already purchased from the shop. Call us on 020 34751651 for bathroom refurbishment and installation Hammersmith.

Where can I get a good bathroom fitter?

Should you require bathroom installation services, we at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith provide excellent hands for the job. For all your bathroom needs, we have an expert bathroom and wetroom fitters. Our customers are all over London, and we have been able to keep them coming back. If you would like to speak with any of our existing customers, call us today, and we can arrange that.

Is Plumber Hammersmith outstanding?

There are many plumbing companies out there in Hammersmith but only a few like us know exactly what it takes to make a bathroom work.

If it's years of experience you are looking for, we got it! From traditional to state-of-the-art bathrooms, we have a professional team that will give you all you desire.

Plumber Hammersmith is an experienced and efficient plumbing company that has the tools and skills to promote bathroom experience. We put our customers first in all we do. Should you need a modern bathroom with a hassle-free installation process, give us a call, and we'll gladly respond.

Our other qualifications

Expert Fitters

At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, our team of local bathroom fitters have years of experience on the job. When you think of hiring Plumber Hammersmith, you are simply saying 'give the job to the right man!'.

Our in-house project supervision is always active to ensure you get a bathroom that meets your needs.

In several ways, we have been able to achieve a wide range of smart refurbishment styles that keeps our customers hooked. Our installation services are innovative and amazing to behold because we are constantly trained and updated on bathroom refurbishment.

It might interest you to know that we always consider your safety and health in our operation. After all, without you, there will be no need for bathroom refurbishment. Hire Plumber Hammersmith today and say goodbye to that worn-out and unattractive bathroom. Our number is 020 34751651. Remember to contact us when you think of a bathroom change.

Free quotes and estimates

You are not under any obligation to hire us if we provide you with a job quote and estimate. Why? We provide a non-obligatory and free job quote for bathroom refurbishment. Not only that, a job completion schedule is added to the free quote you get when you choose to use our services. This is to ensure that our services fit into your schedule without any problem. For a smooth bathroom installation, consider Emergency Plumber Hammersmith today.

Partnership with leading brands

When it comes to top brands in plumbing, we know the leading brands based on our close collaboration with them. So, for your bathroom installation, you can even get a discount on high street prices when you use our services. Why not call us now.

Available wide range of bathroom selection

At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, you can choose from our brochures and catalogues, a bathroom that suits your needs. But if you have made a purchase already, we can still provide you with only a quote for labour. When you think bathroom refurbishment in Hammersmith, think Plumber Hammersmith; we are one call away!

Procedure for bathroom refurbishment

You may be asking what it would take to install a new bathroom. We understand that you may not know, which is why we have provided these practical steps to help you understand how bathroom installation works. Before we go on, please note that we take every installation we do seriously plus we do it with care and professionalism.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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So, here we go:

Customer survey

It is our practice first to seek our customers need as regards the type of bathroom and fixtures they want. Since everyone has got a uniquely different need, we'll find out what yours are before doing anything. The next survey will be done in your existing bathroom. Our team will look at your bathroom space to know the size of the bathroom that will fit into it. After that, you'll get our free, non-obligatory job quote so you can know how much work and materials will go into refurbishing your bathroom.

But if you have chosen a suite from our extensive brochures or catalogues, we will inform you when it arrives and book an appointment to have it delivered to you.

Remove old or existing bathroom

Our local bathroom fitters will take out your existing bathroom so that the new bathroom suite can be installed. We do this carefully and professionally by shutting off your water supply and capping off your electricity connections.

Other things that will be removed include your bathroom blinds, cabinets, waste pipes, etc. The old waste pipes will be replaced with new ones. Your floors will be covered with carpet protectors to maintain cleanliness and a damage-free workspace.

Install your new bathroom suite

We will begin preparations for installing the new bathroom once the old one has been uninstalled. Our bathroom fitters will position the new pipes to accommodate bathroom fixtures, including toilet, washbasin, bath, and shower. The fixtures which have been well fitted will be properly installed.

Testing the new installation

After installing your new bathroom, we don't just assume everything is perfect simply because they look perfect. We will do a professional check on everything we've installed to spot leaks and any other errors that need correction. Your bathroom floors and walls will be cleaned up, and your bathroom cabinets, blinds, and other items will be returned to their place.

Call us today for your bathroom refurbishment and installation in Hammersmith.

How much will it cost to refurbish your bathroom?

The price for refurbishing an average bathroom is about £4,500. But the cost depends on the type of installation to be done, the size of your bathroom, the number of materials needed and the time it would take to get the job done.

At Plumber Hammersmith, we'll do our best to ensure that our services fit into your budget.

Using an inexperienced plumber to do the job will not help in any way as you may later face expensive repairs. We do advise you use a professional plumber at all times to avoid costly mistakes. Emergency Plumber Hammersmith is a good plumbing company that is well known for quality bathroom refurbishment. Call us today!

Does it take so much time to install a bathroom?

Installation time for a bathroom depends on the type of upgrades you need. Another factor that adds to the time for job completion is its complexity. More straightforward bathroom jobs could take 1 to 2 hours while more complex ones may take 6 to 10 hours. However, we will do our best as always to complete your bathroom on time.

Need a professional plumber?

Consider hiring our team of local bathroom fitters at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith for your bathroom refurbishment and installation. At any time you deem necessary to upgrade your bathroom, call us on 020 34751651.

We provide the quality bathroom refurbishment services across London at any time of the day. It doesn't matter what your budget might be, we can discuss plans with you to make it work.

Our customers have been happy. Don't be left out of the expert services we provide at Plumber Hammersmith. We do it well every time and anytime. Call us now!

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